Libraries are For Everyone

I’m not usually one to do a theme, but I’m giving it a try this year with a global theme: One Global Library One of the qualities I love the most about my school is the rich diversity of our families. Besides English, there are 84 different languages spoken by our families.

To celebrate this diversity, I have created a wall outside the library with signs saying Libraries are for Everyone in 51 different languages. These signs were made by  Rebecca McCorkindale, a public librarian in Nebraska. They are published on her website Hafuboti. She wants and encourages libraries to download, share, modify and enjoy her signs. 

Libraries are for Everyone in Bulgarian.

I have enjoyed watching students walk down the hallway and point out the language they speak to their peers. I believe having their language celebrated is just one more way for our English Language Learners to feel included at our school.

When our ELL teacher saw the display I thought she would never stop smiling. She now has her country display next to ours so we can have a united message of unity and acceptance.

This theme will tie into my focus on global citizenship as well as learning about the Global Goals, also known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how they pertain to literacy.

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