Along the Bayou Teche

Do you know what a bayou is?


Our latest summer reading photo comes from Morgan who is reading along the Bayou Teche in Southern Louisiana. A bayou is a French/English word that means a very slow moving river. Bayous are commonly found in the Mississippi River region of the southeast.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Remember the story of the Three Little Pigs? The story that Morgan is reading is a Cajun version of this story.


Cajun is an ethnic group of people from southern Louisiana. They are very well known for their own dialect, accent, music and food! Here is a video of a librarian from Gulf Shores Elementary School reading The Three Little Cajun Pigs by Mike Artell.

Thanks Morgan for sharing your photo! Keep Reading!

Mrs. Hembree


 Have you ever eaten any Cajun food?

Have you ever visited the Bayou area of Louisiana?

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Happy Vacation Reading

Do you recognize this reader?


Hannah recently visited Lake Chelan in eastern Washington and did some awesome vacation reading! She is reading one of the Cupcake Diaries books, a popular series about the friendship of some girls. These books are available in paperback and now in eBook version too. If you want to know more, visit the Cupcake Diary website. Thanks for sharing your photo Hannah! What will you read next?

Being on vacation is the perfect time to get some reading done! I did the same thing while I was on vacation with Mr. Hembree on our southwest vacation. Dog even checked out the mystery books in the Zion National Park bookstore! I bought a copy of Over the Edge for our new library. It will be available in the mystery section.






In the photo above, I am holding Skinny-Bones by Barbara Park. Skinny-Bones was written in 1982 and is still a very funny book to read! Alex is a 6th grader who is just not the best baseball player in the world. He does have a great sense of humor though, and uses it to help him get out of a lot of sticky situations! You might recognize that very famous author name too! Do you remember what other books she has written?

Have you been reading too this summer? Send me a photo and I will get it published on the blog. Just have your parents send it to:


Keep Reading!

Mrs. Hembree

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Guest Reader Photos

What have you been reading this summer?

Submissions are coming in for our super summer reading fun program! Some are from students nearby and some are from blogging buddies in California. Check out who is having some reading fun this summer!

Here is Miriam in Hawaii reading on a paddleboard. Miriam loves to read and has her own blog called Miriam’s Magical Moments. We both know Mrs. Yollis because Miriam used to be in her class. She is reading the fantasy/adventure story Inkheart by Cornelia Funke.

Hembree1 MiriamPM

Next is Sarah, also on vacation in Hawaii! I hope she doesn’t fall down and get that book wet. She took Annie’s Promise by Sonia Levitin to read on her  trip. Sarah says: “It is about a 13 year old girl, named Annie, and the adventures she had at a summer camp during World War II. I really like this story and your readers will have to read the book to find out what Annie promised.”  It sounds like a great book, Sarah!
Hembree2 Sarahpm

The 4th of July always means a healthy dose of red, white and blue! Here’s Josa reading Hero on a Bicycle by Shirley Hughes with his patriotic buddy!


Next is Josa with a pirate bear fully outfitted with a hat, scarf and eye patch! Where do these kinds of pirate bears live?



Sheadyn is going to be a director some day! He directed both photo shoots of him reading with some 4-legged friends while vacationing in Sitka, Alaska! I wonder if his friends enjoy Big Nate too?



Thanks to Miriam, Sarah, Josa and Sheadyn for sending in photos to celebrate reading! Remember you can join in the fun too! Take a photo of you reading some place fun. Then have your parents email the photo to:


It’s easy and you will have a great time showing others how reading can be a blast in the summer!

Keep Reading!
Mrs. Hembree

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Inside and Outside Reading

Our first super summer student reading photos are in! Let the fun begin!




Reading happens whether you are inside or outside! Thanks for being the first readers to send in our photos! I try to post at least once a week if I can. Remember, you can participate too! Adults can send me the photo to:


I just came back from San Antonio, Texas at a technology convention. I started a book on my eReader on the plane and then did lots of reading while I was at the convention. Mostly what I read was our schedule book. Each day there were numerous classes to choose from for each hour of the day. I had to scan the schedule and then figure out which session seemed the most interesting. While I was walking in the convention hall, I saw this statue and had to have my picture taken.


I also met the author of one of our favorite library books. He wrote The Dot, Ish and lots of other titles. We celebrated International Dot Day with thousands of other readers in September.


Do you know who this is? Leave me your guess in a comment.

Happy Reading, Mrs. Hembree

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A Bittersweet Ending

It’s a wrap. School’s out. The kids and staff have gone home.


It’s the end of the 2012-2013 school year, but it’s also the end of an era. In just a couple weeks the building that has been  home to thousands of students since 1967 will be torn down.


Replacing it will be a brand new two story building. It’s both a sad and an exciting time all wrapped up in the same package.

Fortunately, Penny and Mina brought in some awesome presents!



Mina and her mom even agreed to have her read her new book, Fun while I videotaped it! Thanks girls! I hope you keep writing and drawing all summer!



Don’t forget to send those photos in too!





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Fun Father’s Day Reading


Today was Father’s Day and to celebrate Mr. Hembree and I went to a car show.

Did you know car shows are perfect places to read? Every car has descriptions about the vehicle – the engine size, power, how it was restored, etc. We spent two hours looking and reading! Check out our very first summer reading photos!

PicMonkey Collage3

Mr. Hembree is the classic example of a person who likes to read, but just not stories. He is a non-fiction reader! He likes to read about cars. He likes to read and learn how to fix something. He likes to read to learn!


What kind of car would you like to see at a car show?

What kind of reading do you like to do?

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Super Summer Silly Reading

It’s time for our 3rd annual

Super Summer Silly Reading Program!

super summer



It’s just as important to read in the summer time as it is during the school year. To make it a little more fun, we add a dose of silliness! We get caught reading in super fun or super silly places!

Ellie Mt. Rainierc

Nicholas Coy Reading at Stevens Pass (Large)c

It’s super easy to participate! Here are the directions:

1. Choose a book! Any book – paper, audio, or electronic (iPad, Nook, Kindle)

 2. Snap a photograph of yourself reading this summer! It can be silly or serious. It can be a picture of you here or there or anywhere! Do not hurt yourself or your book! No underwater reading!

3. Ask your parents to email the photograph to Mrs. Hembree between now and September 1, 2013. Send to my blog email address:


 ***Important Parent Note: By emailing the photograph, you grant Mrs. Hembree permission to post it on the Bulldog Reader Blog

 4. Prizes will be given to everyone who participates. In the fall, I will make a poster of all of our photos and hang it in the new library!

5. Have fun! The best part about reading in the summer is making your own choices on what to read! Twenty minutes a day all summer long will keep your reading skills sharp and ready for the fall.

Need an idea for what to read? Keep checking the blog. I plan on posting ideas and review all summer long. Plus don’t forget about the awesome Dig into Reading program at any of the KCLS libraries this summer. 

EL Dig Into Slogan

Count your minutes with me and get to 1,000 minutes by August 31st!

*This idea originally came from Mr. Schu at BrookForest Elementary in Naperville, Illinois and Mrs. Miller in Van Meter, Iowa. It is used with their permission.


What book will you read first this summer?

Leave a comment and let us know!




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