It’s a Monster! Agh!!!

It’s mid-October.  The leaves are turning. The days are getting shorter and the nights colder. Are you looking for a new book? Check out what Angela drew for the library yesterday!

Maybe you are thinking that it’s getting close to Halloween and you want a spooky book to thrill your reading time!

Spooky stories are always popular with some students (not me – I get nightmares). This past weekend when I was in Yakima at Washington librarian conference I had the opportunity to listen to the author Royce Buckingham talk about his love of scary books and movies!

Royce shared how the movie Jaws was particularly scary when he was a kid! I remember seeing it too and I didn’t swim in the ocean for a month afterward! However, he loves scary monsters and books like that, which is why he now is both an attorney and a writer of spooky stories.

Do you remember seeing the photos from when Hitu visited the Jaws set last summer and did a little reading in Jaws! This is the movie Royce is talking about! Yikes! That is a scary photo!

If you love this kind of book come in soon and check out the new books by Royce Buckingham.

You don’t have to like monsters to like all the new books in the library! Look at this selection available!  From graphics to humor to fantasy or mystery we have something new for you!


Visiting Yakima was a lot of fun! I had a chance to talk with lots of other librarians and share ideas with them. If you are a teacher librarian looking for a link to my slides, here you go!


Do you like to read spooky stories?

Have you seen Jaws at Universal Studios?


What new book will you want to read?

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Our Reading Contest Winners


All summer long our Bulldog Readers have been taking photos of themselves reading in unusual places. The goal was to READ all summer and have FUN! I hoped to create a summer of reading memories for our Bulldog Readers.

I have a lifetime of reading memories.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t read.  That’s also why this summer when I went back to my hometown in Massachusetts, I made sure I took a photo of the first library I ever visited when I was a little girl.

Townsend Public Library, Townsend, MA.

I had many fond memories of finding books inside that brick building. Reading roots can run deep. Hopefully our Bulldog Readers are developing the same kind of memories with their favorite libraries too!

 Today however, is the day to announce the winners of our contest!

There is no doubt in my mind that all of these readers are winners. The fact that they spent time choosing a special place to read and got photographed doing it, tells me everything I need to know. However at the beginning of the summer, I said it would be a contest. Little did I know how difficult it would be to pick winners.


That’s why I enlisted some help from my blogging friends, AA and BB who live near Victoria, Australia.

BB and her Mom, our Australian judges!

 All summer, they read each post about our readers and wrote comments about each photo. In August I asked them to help me pick some winners. They know the photos as well as I do! BB also has a fabulous blog. I hope you will click on the link to her blog and make comments too!

 We decided on four categories of winners and 13 top winners!

The categories are:

Outstanding Contribution

Dangerous Reading

US Landmark Places

Heart felt Photos

Thirty-two students participated and four staff members, plus Pigeon!

Pigeon at The Motif, an historic lobershack in Rockport, MA.

Each student who participated will get a book and a bookmark!

We also have one other winner. He didn’t submit a photo, but he DID write comments all summer on most of our reading posts!

A HUGE congratulations to Alex for being such a great blog commenter!

To find out all thirty-two winners, watch our Animoto movie!

Winners, please stop by the new library and pick up your prizes!


What did you think about our reading contest?

What was the best book you read recently!

Leave us a comment and let us know!

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The Last Photos Come in!

Today is the last day for submitting our Summer Reading Contest photos!

We have had 31 students and 4 staff members participate this summer! Unbelievable!

Our first group of photos come from Sofia who went to Sweden this summer.

Sofia in Lake Mälaren northeast of Stockholm


A Rune stone from the 11th century.


Reading as a royal!


In the Royal Castle in Stockholm


Alison also went on a trip to Montana to visit her Grandpa.

Check out her snorkeling photo!

Who says you can't read and snorkel at the same time?

 The next two photos came from Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida.

If you like Harry Potter, then you will definitely recognize these landmarks!

Wizard Josa reading at Hogwarts castle.


In front of the Hogwarts Express

Mrs. Robertson recently went on a road trip around some of the western states.

She said she thought of me when she saw this at an Oregon Trail themed RV park in Baker City, Oregon.

Wagon style reading!


Reading with bison at Yellowstone National Park, WY


A huge Thank You for everyone who participated in our Reading Contest!

You are Rocking Bulldog Readers!


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Reading from Resting to Ruins


As the deadline of August 31st looms for our Reading Contest,

I am finding my email box filling up with new entries!

Who will be one of the Bulldog Reader Winners?

Perhaps it will be one of these fabulous readers!

Grace knows there's nothing like reading in bed!


Who is our mysterious masked reader?


Bridget takes reading to new heights!


Mrs. Adair reads in front of the Mayan Ruins,Chichen Itza, near Cancun, Mexico.


 What you think about our latest entries?
Mrs. Adair went to Mexico. Have any of you been there too?
Leave us a comment and let us know!


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Zipping with a Book in Costa Rica


Wonders never cease!

 Who would think you could read and go on a zipline in Costa Rica!

Emma proves you can!

Emma is reading, I mean ready to ride the zipline!


Reading and zipping along!Having a reading blast on the zipline! Go Emma!

Do you know what book Emma is reading?
Have you ever been on a zipline?
How far away did Emma travel from Seattle to read???


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Summer Reading Rocks!


Our Bulldog Readers continue to amaze me with their reading photo submissions!

Alex knows Reading Rocks!


Rock Reading looks dangerous!


Alexander enjoys a book in the back yard!


Destin says, "Reading leaves you smiling!"


Ellie reads in a kayak!



Josh reading on the USS South Dakota prop


Ty and Josh reading to Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Ty reading on the USS South Dakota anchor.


Alexander and his wonderful piles of books!


Shane in his favorite tree!

What do you think about our new photos?
What have you been reading this summer?
School starts September 6th!
See you soon in our new library place!


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Reading Makes You Grow!


More of our Bulldog readers have sent in photos of them reading during the summer! Check out our latest additions!

Josa learns that reading can make you grow!


Josa cooks with R2D2!


Ellie & Alissa “tree-reading”!
If you have a photo of you reading, please email it to!
 I will accept photos until August 31st!
In the meantime, Keep Reading!
If you have a comment for our adventurous readers, let us know!



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Pigeon Travels 6,500 miles!

Pigeon and I just got back from two weeks of traveling around New England!

We had lots of fun and saw so many things. Between a plane ride to Boston, 500 miles driving around New England and a plane ride back, Pigeon logged over 6,500 miles on our trip! I think he will be taking a long nap before school starts again!


 There were so many highlights to our trip, that I decided a movie would be the best way to share them!

Be sure to look closely because Pigeon is in most of the photos! He went on a lobster boat ride, saw the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, visited the University of Southern Main where Mrs. Hembree went to college, almost got bit by a horse, and posed with a real Bay City steam shovel!

 You will also see a  key chain attached to my purse.

 This key chain of Australia was a very special gift from BB,one of our blogging buddies! Enjoy the show!

What was your favorite photo in the movie?

Did you do any traveling this summer?

Did you do any reading this summer?

Leave us a comment and let us know!




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Traveling with Pigeon in MA

Pigeon and I are on vacation in Massacusetts. This is the state where I was born. It is located on the eastern seaboard of the USA. If you look at the map, you will find Massachusetts colored green on the upper right side of the map above Connecticut and below Maine and New Hamphire. Massachusetts is about 3,000 miles from Seattle.

USA map with states


Here is a map of Massachusetts. It is not a very big state in size. I first flew into Boston.



My next stop on the trip will be Maine. Maine is the most northeast state in the US.


The unfortunate part of being on a trip is having computer problems! Pigeon and I have taken lots of photos, but we will have to wait to show them off until we get back from our trip. Until then enjoy the last weeks of your summer vacation and Keep Reading!

Have you ever been to Massachusetts or Maine? What did you do?

What kind of vacation trip is your favorite?

Please let us know! 

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