New Year 2012 = New Books!

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 The Bulldog Readers wish you lots of reading happiness!

What better way to launch a new year of reading than with new books? The first group of books was purchased with funds from Reading with Rover.

 Reading with Rover donated $250 to our school toward purchasing books for reading. It was their way of thanking Mrs. Daly and myself for our commitment to Reading with Rover with our dogs Jett, Silas and Reese. I spent my portion of the money on new library books!




I couldn’t forget our older readers, so they got a new stack of books too!


Who knows? Maybe one of these will become the next Newbery Award winner for 2011!

Have you read any of these new books already?
Which one do you want to check out?
Do you have any suggestions for us to buy?
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A Rover Thank You!


The Bulldog Readers know that Mrs Hembree’s dog Reese

 and Mrs. Daly’s dog Jett are both Reading with Rover doggies.

Jett and Reese are Reading Therapy dogs who help kids get comfortable with reading.

jett com




A Bulldog Reader reads to Jett and his handler, Mrs. Daly

Twice a month they go to Borders and read with children.

Kids line up to read to Reese!




Kids line up to read to Reese!

When the child is done reading, they get a


Some dogs have their paws stamped, but Reese is too ticklish!




Some dogs have their paws stamped, but Reese is too ticklish!

 They also get a bookmark from the dog.

 Every Reading with Rover dog has their own individual bookmark with their picture on it!

Here are Jett and Reese's bookmarks.



Here are Jett and Reese's bookmarks.

The dogs get lots of pets and kisses from the kids too! 

On our last reading evening for this school year, something new happened!

Reese and Jett both got Thank You notes!

note com


Wow, thanks Sonia for making the last Rover night for this school year so memorable!


Our school year in Washington is about to end.

This is a great time to get lots of reading in!

What book are you going to read this summer?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

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Furry Friends Are Reading Helpers


Our Mission: To inspire children to discover the joy of reading while developing literacy skills and confidence in a safe environment using Reading With Rover Dogs.

       It’s time to spread the “WOOF” about some exciting Reading with Rover news! If you live in the Seattle, Washington area, I hope you will take the time to watch Evening Magazine tonite at 7pm. King 5  Evening Magazine  news correspondent Kim Holcomb recently filmed Becky Bishop, Woodmoor teacher Betsy Leahy, Diana Trupiano with Frodo,and some other Reading with Rover dogs in action. Viewers will be able to see what a great program this is and how they can become involved!

Our own  students know what a great program this is and how much it has helped them with their reading. Jett, Silas and Reese are our local Rover rockstars and know first-hand how much fun it is to read with the kids! I hope you will tune in and give King 5 a big “WOOF”! Are you a blogger from out of the Seattle area?  You will be able to view the interview after the show airs on the website. You can also find more information about the Reading with Rover program and how it works on their website: http://www.readingwithrover.orgP8040236

If you have read to one of the Reading with Rover dog, leave us a comment!

Let us know the best part of reading to a dog!

Have you ever read to a dog in a different part of the world? Let us know!


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Dog Days of Summer

 Recently some Reading with Rover dog/handler teams came to the library for a special summertime reading event. The students brought their books to the library, sat down next to a dog and started reading. Reading to dogs turns what is sometimes difficult, into something truly magical. There is no stress when you are reading to a dog! It is pure fun! As soon as you finish reading to a dog, you get a paw-stamp on a pawtograph paper, and a special individual book mark from that dog. On this particular day, each reader also received a free book, and a rover bookbag. If you want more information about Reading with Rover or want to attend future public events, visit the website at   Here are some highlights of the our doggie read…

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