Blazing Books are Here



Thanks to a generous grant from the Lake Washington Schools Foundation, our library has

 118 new, blazing hot books!

The non-fiction Blazing Books Grant shelf

 If you are a younger reader, you are going to love, love, love these books! Every new non-fiction book had to pass Mrs. Hembree strict wow criteria questions.

Is it a fun book to read?

Is it an exciting book to read?

Is it action packed?

Here are the new car books to select from. No boring books in this group!

 To go along with our math focus at school, some of the new books are math related.

“Crunch, crunch! The farm’s horse loves munching apples.

Can you predict which color of apple the horse will eat next?

The horse has six red apples and two green apples.

Is it more or less likely she will pick a green apple?”

So, what do you think the answer is? Find out inside the book Pigs, Cows, and Probability!

I know a lot our students love joke books, so I added more to our collection! Here’s a sample from the Jokes about Bugs:

“What did the bug say after it hit the window?

If I had the guts, I would do it again.

I also bought a new series called Easy Magic Tricks. These books teach you how to perform magic tricks with playing cards, coins, straws, balloons, and more! There are plenty of ideas here to challenge our budding magicians!

Not all of the books are fact or non-fiction books. We also have some new everybody picture books for our younger readers. They are housed on a special shelf too!


 It seems like there are never enough Star Wars books in our library, so look at the new ones we’ve added!

This group of books includes early chapter books that are both fun to read and a little bit longer than the usual picture book. These are perfect for our readers who are ready to read chapter books.

Ten more Backpack Buddies have been added to our expanding Backpack Buddy collection. Inside each backpack is a book, a matching puppet, a journal and instructions on what to do.  They are a super fun way to practice reading at home! 

If you check out one of these books from our Bulldog Library, I hope you will let me know what you think about them! You can leave a comment on the blog or you can tell me in person! I am even hoping some people what to give me a review on film with our new Flip cameras! Imagine that….YOU can be a Bulldog Reader Star!

Our LWSF grant is also featured on the Lake Washington Schools Foundation Spotlight page! You can read the full article here.


What do you think about our new books?
Which ones do you want to check out?
Leave us a comment and let us know!
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More Playground Songs for Poetry Month

Traditionally we study poetry in our library classes during April because

April is Poetry Month.

After reviewing the playground games on the Hawes Primary School blog

and more on Mr. Salsich’s blog in Connecticut

and even more on Open the Door to B4 in New Zealand,

plus 4 more on Mrs. Kistler and the 49’ers

it became clear that playground songs are really poems!

 So in library class, we learned some playground poems and songs!

Our first  graders have learned  Miss Mary Mack.

 The second graders have learned Down, Down Baby.

 Here is our Seattle contribution to the playground games!

A special thanks to our world blogging buddies for giving us this great lesson idea!

Down Down Baby 


Miss Mary Mack


ABC Song





Do you know these playgrounds songs?


Do you know the ones from the other schools?


Do you have another playground song we should learn?

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Hurray! It’s Math Week!


Hynden's door

It’s Monday and the first day of Math Week!


Do you know you can find math EVERYWHERE?


Can you find math in ART? In PE? In the Library? In the Lunchroom? In Music?


Yes!  Yes!  Yes!


Join us this week as we explore the math that is all around us!

Check out our video with a special message from

M A T H    M A N !


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Math Man is that You?

math compressed

The Math Man defeats the Masked Math Marauder!

We CAN do math!

Math Week!  Math Week!  Math Week!  Math Week! 

March 14-17 is Math Week!

Join us here as the library jumps aboard the Math Week Bandwagon!

Math Arrays!

Math Books!

Math Games!


Will we hit our 10,000 visitor mark during Math Week?


What do you like to do most in math and why?

Using our voting poll and vote!

Leave us a comment about your favorite part of math!

Get your own Poll!

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Book Review: Lion’s Share by Matthew McElligott

lion shareThe Lion’s Share: A Tale of Halving Cake and Eating it, Too is a story of an ant who is invited to have dinner with the lion. When she gets there, she is horrified by the manners and terrible eating habits of all the other guests. Cake is served for dessert, and each animal cuts the cake in half and then passes it to the next animal. Finally a tiny piece gets to the ant, where it crumbles into pieces. Ant decides to bake a cake for the lion as her gift the next day. Not to be outdone by a meesly ant, each guest boastfully announces that they will bake twice the number of cakes. “I can top that, announced the macaw. I shall bake the king twice as many carrot cakes: eight! And he shall have them tomorrow.”  Colorful and bold ink and watercolor illustrations bring each page alive. I personally hope this book gets a Caldecott nomination. Kids will love the great storyline,pictures, and humor,  parents will appreciate the messages of manners and thoughtfulness, and teachers will love using this book to teach fractions and doubling. Available for checkout soon in the AG  Bell library! Review by Mrs. Hembree

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