Black Book of Secrets & Bone Magician


 Librarians get recommendations from books from all sorts of places- the newspaper, magazines, catalogs, emails from book companies. However, the absolute best recommendations for me are from my students. Last week a former student Jenny stopped by to visit. Jenny and I have had lots of fun conversations about books in past years, so when she stopped by to visit me my first question after  the polite- “how are you, how is school,”etc, etc, was “What have you been reading?”   Her answers had me heading for the store to buy The Black Book of Secrets and The Bone Magician by F.E. Higgins.

F.E. Higgins is a British writer, who has an extraordinary talent for word choice. Even though this is a 21st century book, opening page one is like stepping into 19th century England.Every word, every phrase removes you from the chair you are sitting in, to the grim and macabre world of Ludlow Fitch and the pawnbroker Zoe Zabbidou who buys people’s inner most secrets and has Ludlow record them in his special black book.  I’m really at quite a loss for words as how to describe these books. I wish I had her talent for storytelling. What I can tell you is that once I opened each book, I couldn’t put them down.  If you are looking for a series that will take you on an extraordinary journey, start with the Black Book of Secrets. (ages grade 5+) Even better, see what F.E. Higgins has to say for herself! Keep Reading, Mrs. Hembree

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The Graveyard Book Student Review by Will


I like this book because it’s funny and adventurous. Bod (the main character) doesn’t know what it’s like living with people.  He tries to help the people (which are really ghosts) that live in the grave yard.  Sometimes he does well, sometimes he doesn’t. He gets curious about things like the history of the graveyard. The setting is in a graveyard. He’s being taken care of by ghosts in the graveyard. He has also been given the freedom of the graveyard which means that he can see in the dark and he can go places where other people can’t.  I also like this book because it has mixed emotions to it, humor and sadness.

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