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Hurray! Everyone is checking out library books and taking them home to read. We have also been┬álearning about book care rules to make sure they don’t get damaged when they go home. To help out, the second graders made some Sock Puppet and ChatterPix videos in the iPad. We hope you enjoy our latest funny book care videos!

Keep your books away from siblings!

Keep your books out of the rain!

Please don’t take your library books outside on the playground!

Please don’t eat near your books!

Please don’t step on your books!

Keep your books away from little sisters!

Thank you second graders for helping us learn these important rules!

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3 thoughts on “Book Care Funny Videos

  1. Hi Mrs Hembree,

    I LOVE you videos reminding students to care for their library books! What a fun and creative way to remind students of their responsibility when they borrow a library book. I have been having a big talk about this lately at our library.

    I have seen ChatterPix and can’t wait to use it, but I’m still waiting for my 6 library iPads to be ready!

    It looks like you’re off to a great start in your new library…

    Miss Y ­čÖé

    • Hello Miss Y,
      I’m telling you Chatterpix is such a fun way to share information. It allows for creativity and sparks their attention. I had a blast playing with the app and I know my students did too! I can only imagine how much your students will enjoy it once they have a chance to make a video! What topic will you choose?
      You don’t have much time left in your school year as you move into the spring and we start our autumn season.

      Keep reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Fun videos, Mrs. Hembree’s kids! That’s a great way to remind people how to care for their library books! Sticky learning!

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