Who’s in the cage now?

This morning I finally got to see our teaching partner from Lesotho again! Thejane, his wife Sophia and darling daughter met me for coffee and conversation.
It’s clear that teachers are the same everywhere. We care about our students and think about how to make lessons better.
When I learned that Thejane’s school not only does have heat, there’s no electricity either. He’s trying to convince officials to bring electricity there, but so far nothing happens. So, he brings technology tools to his students via his personal laptop and phone. When teachers are motivated, nothing stops innovation.
In the afternoon I went on a mini-safari drive at the Gauteng Lion Park. I learned it’s considered one of the top 100 tourist sites in the world.
I joined a group of others on a truck with steel caged walls and a solid steel top. We were sternly instructed to keep our hands and cameras inside at all times. It was quite a role reversal being the cage one in a lion park!
I couldn’t believe I was only a few feet away from lions chewing on their afternoon snack. We also saw zebras, wildebeests, springboks and African wild dogs which are quite endangered now.
What a way to spend a Saturday!





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2 thoughts on “Who’s in the cage now?

  1. It is so interesting to hear about your trip! I’m thrilled that you are getting to meet your colleagues there, and hopefully some kids too! What an experience to tell your students about! Happy travels!!

    • Dear Jamie,
      Yes, I am looking forward to returning to school so I can share stories and photos and get the energy started again with our project! Thanks for visiting the blog!

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