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I’d like to end the 2014 school year on a super high note by showcasing three students who have been doing some incredibly creative activities at home. It’s one thing to learn how to use a tool. It’s another to take that skill and push the boundaries to make something new and different. These students show creativity, innovation and dedication to their craft.
Meet Kayla

Kayla began coding two weeks ago with the Hour of Code week. She worked through the ice-skating with Anna and Elsa activities on  first.

kayla example

Next she figured out how to create these drawings. Talk about incredible! What impresses me about these pieces is the colorful patterning. They are works of art!


Meet Kaito
Many of our students participated in the PTSA sponsored art contest this year. The theme was “The world would be a better place if….. ” Kaito decided the world would be a better place if we had a clean earth. Using his Legos, iPad and the Lego stop-motion movie making app, he wrote, set up and filmed this movie. He inspired other students at our school to try creating a stop motion movie too.  Here’s a Clean Earth:

Meet Logan
The last student I would like to feature is the Rubics Cube King. Logan can solve a Rubics cube in record time. Hand him one and before you can say, “How did you do that?” – he is finished and the puzzle is solved. I just found out that he helps other people solve these puzzles by making videos. Thanks Logan for making this understandable!

If you know someone at school that I need to feature because they are doing something on their own time that uses technology or literacy (books), please let me know in a comment! Absolutely NO LAST NAMES!
Happy Holidays! See you in 2015!

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One thought on “Showcasing Creativity

  1. Hi Mrs Hembree,

    You certainly ended your year on a high note! Congratulations to Kayla, Kaito and Logan!

    I love Kayla’s ability to use coding to create such beautiful patterns and works of art. They are exquisite!

    I love Kaito’s powerful message in his Lego and the Stop Motion app. There has been a lot of thinking, planning and patience that have gone into his video.

    I love that Logan has taken the time to share his Rubrics Cube skills by making videos to help others.

    I’m also very impressed that these three students have done this in their own time – that’s fabulous!

    I’m really hoping to get MakerSpaces and Coding happening in a small way in our library too next year. Like you, it will have to be at lunchtime as I don’t have enough time in class. Thanks for showing me it can be done Mrs Hembree!

    Wishing you all the peace and joy of Christmas and an exciting year of books and learning in 2015…

    Your Australian friend, Miss Y 🙂

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