2 thoughts on “Staff Picture Book Favorites

  1. Of course Josa and I have to weigh in on this one!
    I love ‘The Day the Babies Crawled Away’ because of the art and the way it sounds when you read it out loud (The Nightmare in my Closet is a close second).

    Dear Mrs.Hembree

    I think my favorite picture book is also the Day the babies crawled away beacuse it just brings back good memories and it’s the first book I really remember, also I really liked the sort of shadowy art in the book I always remember reading it a lot 😌

    • Dear Judy and Josa,
      That book is so hilarious! I had forgotten about it until you mentioned it. Isn’t it interesting that you both have it selected as a favorite? When I was a young mother, my favorite book was I Love You Forever. It made me cry each time I read it. When I was a child my favorite was Go Dog Go and The Little Engine that Could. My grandmother read that one to me every weekend. I think it helped me develop the skill of persistence.
      It has been fun talking about favorite books and seeing what the students choose.
      Thanks for sharing your ideas!
      Mrs. Hembree

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