A Gift from Australia

Do you like surprises? I do! Especially AirMail packages!

52 storey

Look what came in the mail this week from our school librarian friend in Australia! She sent us a package with the brand new book  The 52 Storey Treehouse by the Australian children’s author Andy Griffiths. Here’s the note she sent inside the package.


This is our third Treehouse book Miss Yeomans has sent us. As you can read in the card, this time she had to wait in line for a two hours to get it signed for us.

treehouse series

On her LRC blog, Miss Y published a post about her visit to meet Andy Griffiths. I hope you will click over to her website and get all the details. She shared a photo she took of Andy Griffiths signing our books. This is used with Miss Y’s permission.

andy sign
Andy signed books from 4:30 until 9:00 when the store closed, but he couldn’t stop. He kept signing books until 11:30 at night! That’s 7 HOURS of signing his name! Can you imagine doing that for SEVEN hours?

book piles

 The treehouse series is not the only series he has written, and if you come into the library, I will show you others you can find by Andy Griffiths. He writes very funny books. Look what happened earlier this month!

griffiths tweet

Are you wondering yet what a treehouse story might be about? Wait for it…… a TREEHOUSE! But not your regular kind of boring treehouse. If you do an internet search with your family, you will find kids love this book so much, they have even created Minecraft treehouses, based on the book.  Here is a book trailer about the 26 Storey Treehouse, narrated by Andy Griffiths himself. It will give you a clue and then you can come to the library and read all three books! If you make your own Minecraft or Lego treehouse, take a photo so we can see it here on the blog!




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4 thoughts on “A Gift from Australia

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree and Bulldog Readers,

    I’m excited to see that ‘The 52-storey Treehouse’ has made it safely from Melbourne, Australia to Seattle, Washington for you all to enjoy reading. Andy Griffiths is currently doing a Treehouse tour of Australia. He is posting photos on Twitter and there are huge lines of children wanting their books signed wherever he goes. It’s wonderful to see how much Andy encourages students to read and it was exciting for me to be able to met him at last too!

    Here is a link to some fun the students in our library had creating their own treehouse or rooms for the treehouse http://smotlrcblog.edublogs.org/2011/11/02/our-38-storey-treehouse/

    Happy reading and laughing!

    Miss Y 😊

    • Dear Miss Y,
      Your package arrived safely and it will be fun to add The 52-Storey Treehouse to our collection. There is a huge mass of children following this hilarious author in Australia!
      I will e very interested to see if any of our students become Treehouse fans too! Thanks for the link. We have a television show in our area about a man and his company who makes real treehouses for people on their property. My husband loves this show, and I enjoy watching it, but I’m not super fond of heights, so treehouses aren’t at the top of my fantastic list.
      What about you Miss Y? Would you like to have a treehouse in your backyard?
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    How wonderful of Miss Y to send you a special gift. I know that you and your Bulldog readers are going to love reading this book.

    Miss Y is a wonderful and special lady. Now speaking of a tree house in the backyard. BB has got a ripper of a tree house in our back yard. For when she was a little she would sit up in her tree house for hours thinking she was the queen of the back yard. However now Hack sits up in the tree house and he thinks he is the king of the back yard now.

    Happy reading Mrs Hembree high up in the trees.

    Take care,
    AA 🙂

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