Is that a Frog?

Honestly, I don’t know how Mina and Penny do it, but they always have memorable photos! Last year they featured a certain countryside landmark of toilets and Captain Underpants. I challenge you to find that photo from last summer!
This year the girls are back with some camping, tents, books and a FROG!
Thanks for making me laugh!



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2 thoughts on “Is that a Frog?

  1. Dear Mrs. Hembree’s Readers–
    I have enjoyed seeing all your creative reading spots this summer as much as Mrs. Hembree did! It looks like you took some fun summer trips, but you didn’t forget to bring along a book to enjoy. Way to go readers! I hope you have an awesome year of learning fun! We Benfer Bobcats will definitely connect you Bulldogs again this year!
    Read On!

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