Reading Sisters

Reading fun in the sun!


zara play


abby upside down

Abby and Zara are certainly enjoying themselves outside combining some fun with summer reading! Who else can hang upside down or wing on the big toy and read a book? Not me –that’s for sure! I bet there are other readers who can link reading to outside activities. Just stay safe. I don’t want to hear about injuries that happened while you were reading.
Thanks for sharing your photos girls. I hope you are enjoying yourselves! Stay cool this week with our hot summer days.



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One thought on “Reading Sisters

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    How cool are these sisters. I just love the photos they sent you. Taking reading to a whole new level. I’m with you there is no way that I could read hanging upside down just think about it makes me feel dizzy.

    It just proves reading can be done in so many different place just let you imagination run/read wild.

    Have a super holiday in Alaska and enjoy.

    Take care and happy reading.

    Cheers AA. 🙂

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