Acrostics for our Bobcat Friends

For National Poetry Month we have been going a little Poetry Crazy in the library! In addition to daily poems in the announcements, poetry bulletin boards and posters and a Poetry Cafe where over 40 students read poems aloud at lunch, we wrote poems…. A LOT!  The kindergarten students wrote shared and Furry Inspiration poems, the first graders wrote Favorite Things  and dinosaur poems, the second graders wrote silly “What’s in the Bag” poems, the 3rd and 4th graders created I Am and Origami  poems, and the 5th graders made black out and book spine poems.





fortune teller

A highlight of the month was connecting  with the Bobcat Library at Benfer Elementary. They have been writing Paper Bag poems this month and we both decided to write just a couple more to end Poetry Month.  You can read the poems they dedicated to us on the Bobcat Library Blog. Here are our poems dedicated to the Bobcats in Texas! They are written in Acrostic Style, which is a poem written vertically and horizontally. We hope you have had a fun poetry month!

awesome poem
partner poem

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2 thoughts on “Acrostics for our Bobcat Friends

  1. Dear Bulldog Readers–
    Your poems are wonderful! I especially like your origami poetry. The poems you wrote for our Bobcats are fabulous too! The first graders will be so excited to see them! Keep reading and writing!
    Mrs. Camp

    • Dear Mrs. Camp,
      Thanks again for visiting and reading our poems. We sure had fun working with you!
      Mrs. Hembree

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