Furry Inspiration

Our kindergarteners are using little furry friends as inspiration for writing list poems this week. As they came into the library today, I handed each one a stuffed animal and a blank poetry paper. We talked about adjectives and ‘describing” words and within a few minutes each student was writing a poem about their furry friend. There are no minimal age limits to being a poet.



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One thought on “Furry Inspiration

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    What a wonderful way to get the imagination going as well in poetry form. I do enjoy reading poetry but sadly with work and busy lifestyle I don’t seem to get much time.

    I bet you had some wonderful young poetry writing about their furry friends.
    The last time I wrote in a form of a poem was when I was in primary school.
    Mmmm you got me thinking maybe it’s time to write a poem.


    AA 🙂

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