12th Man in the House!

Are You a Seahawks Fan?


Seattle is 1st in the NFC Western Division and will play the New Orleans Saints on Saturday, January 11th in the second round playoffs. Around the school it’s a sea of 12th man pride with students and staff proudly wearing their Seahawks shirts.

So what do the Seahawks and the 12th man have to do with the library? Books of course! Whether you prefer pro football teams from around the country or college ball, our sports section has a wide variety of team books for you to check out. You will find the non-fiction sports books on the bottom shelf of our 700 section.


Look through our Sports Fiction choices too! We have books by Mike Lupica, Tim Green, Dan Gutman and many others that will take you on a fun sports ride.


If you are an avid sports fan, visit the sports section of your local library. I think you will find something there for your reading entertainment.


What is your favorite sport?

Is there a sports book or author you recommend to your friends?

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4 thoughts on “12th Man in the House!

  1. Mrs Hembree,

    I like the top 10 by sports illistrsited it tells you about the top 10 players top 10 rivalrys top 10 everything!

    I think this is a great blog post i also have a Mike Lupica book at home I haven’t read it yet but I’ll let you know when I finish it.

    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Josa

    • Dear Josa,
      The Sports Illustrated books are always a great choice. I have to replace our sports books pretty often because they get worn out!
      Mike Lupica is actually one of my favorite sports authors. Did you know he is not just an author, but also a sports columnist for the New York Daily News and a sportscaster for ESPN? I wonder how he finds the time to write novels too! Let me know what you think of his book when you have finished it.
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Hi Julie,
    Great library minds think alike! I pulled all the football books out this morning for a group of 3rd grade students to browse. Surprise, surprise: they got checked out and sparked great discussion, too (the kids debated the age of the books based on the uniform styles). Love your enthusiasm and dedication to student learning!
    –arika (librarianarika.wordpress.com)

    • Dear Ms. Dickens,
      Every football book got checked out last week and a couple Seahawk books have not been back in the library for a few weeks! It’s a popular time for sports reading!
      I love your seven word book review goal! That’s a great way to get the word out, but not in an overwhelming way! Good luck! I haven’t set a number goal for reading this year, but I would like to finish reading all the Caldecott Medal winners. I’m down to a few from the beginning.
      Love your blog!
      Mrs. Hembree

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