A Peek at the New Library

Where do you like to read?


Our new school and library opened yesterday to smiles all around! For the past two days I have heard, “Ooh!  It’s beautiful!” One of the magical places in the library are the windows. Between the stacks are tall windows with ledges. They were the first place students headed to with a book this week! Our shelves aren’t in great shape yet, and we have lots of decorating left to do, but that doesn’t matter when you have a wonderful place to come and read.


Our Bulldog Readers have been sending in more photos too! Here are the latest entries from the parents of Eric, Joel, Ben, Jimmy and Gabe.






As summer ends and the school year begins it’s time to think about a new reading challenge.  Anyone have a suggestion?

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8 thoughts on “A Peek at the New Library

  1. Hi Mrs Hembree

    I love, love, love your wnidow reading nooks!! What a fabulous idea. You might have to do reserved seating for a while until everyone gets a turn!

    Enjoy putting the finishing touches to your shelves and new library and settling into your new “home”…

    Miss Y 🙂

    • Dear Miss Y,
      Those window seats fill up fast, and so far it’s been a great natural rotation of students.
      Now to get more posters and get my stuffed animals in their special places!
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs. Hembree,

    Your library looks magnificently marvelous! I want to pick up a book and ready by the window also!

    It’s also fabulous to see your readers send in photos to place on your blog!

    Kind regards,

    • Dear Mrs. Watanabe,
      The window seats are incredible! They have been pretty warm lately too with our sunny days.
      I visited northern Arizona and southern Utah in early July with my husband. We fell in love with the red rocks and gorgeous scenery.

      Happy Reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    Your new library looks AMAZING! I am so envious. What a great set up – it will keep you busy getting that sorted out! I just adore the window seats. Is it very tempting to grab a book and sit and read yourself??!!
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Dear Mrs. M.
      It is very tempting to sit down at the window seats with a book. You are right! I even tried it, but discovered they are best suited for children. Somehow my legs are too long and don’t quite fit. The good news is that the seats are filled at every recess with children and books. It makes me smile everytime I look at them!
      Mrs. Hembree

  4. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Wow! how wonderful does your new library look. It truly was worth the wait. Somehow I get the feeling that all your students love it too.

    Nothing bets the smell of a new building. I’m with Miss Y how great are those side windows what a fun way to enjoy reading a book.
    Sorry for not writing sooner but have had a lot of things happening that one day leads into a week and them before you know a month has gone past.
    Take care and enjoy your wonderful, beautiful new library.

    Really loved all the photos that are on this post Mrs Hembree!

    Sincerely AA 🙂

    • Dear AA,
      How wonderful to hear from you! I was just thinking yesterday about you and BB and then I hear from you. Perfect timing.
      The students are enjoying the window seats so much. There’s never one open during recess. We also have some soft furniture scattered around the library providing plenty of places to sit and read.

      Great to hear from you! My best to your family!
      Mrs. Hembree

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