Test Your World Landmarks

Where is Parker?

PicMonkey Collage

If you guessed somewhere outside of the US you are correct! Recently, Parker traveled with her family to Portugal. In the photo on the left, she is reading at the Western most point in Europe.  The 2nd is her reading at the Castle of St. Jorge in Lisbon and the last picture is her reading at the Roman temple to Diana in Evora. If you want to learn more about Portugal and the wonderful sites you see there, visit official Portugal tourism website.

Where are Jake and Mackenzie?


This time if you guessed inside the US, you are correct! Jake and Mackenzie went on a family road trip this summer and visited some sites within the western states. In the photo above they are at a tourist stop along the original Oregon Trail.


Do you recognize any of these signs? Like Mr. Hembree and myself, Mackenzie and Jake visited Zion and Bryce National Parks. In the top right photo, Jake is in Salt Lake City, Utah.

photo 505

 I don’t know about you, but this rock looks like a dinosaur head to me! It’s not though. Instead it’s a rock dwelling in Arizona on the Navajo Indian reservation.


 In the last group of photos, they are at Meteor Crater in near Winslow and Flagstaff, Arizona (left 2 photos). On the top right they are at Montezuma Castle National Park in Arizona and at the Grand Canyon National Park on the lower right.

Thanks to Parker, Mackenzie and Jake for sharing their reading photos while you were visiting these amazing places!

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4 thoughts on “Test Your World Landmarks

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Once again how awesome are these photos which you have posted on your blog. Your wonderful readers are sending in some wonderful photos. From the photos too you can see they are having a great summer holiday with holiday reading at some pretty amazing places.

    Sadly no holiday time down under but I can tell you I have just started reading Moa’s Last Dancer and right from the very first page I was hocked.

    Thanks to all your wonderful readers for taking the time to send in these photos I just love them all.

    Happy reading from your friend down under,
    AA 🙂

    • Dear AA,
      What kind of book is Moa’s Last Dancer? I am not familiar with the title. However, you also have to know that I got read adult novels as often as others! I always seems to have a kids book on my bedside table.
      I am working hard on the library and will post some photos soon, I promise. Yes, I wish you were here to share the process in person.
      Say hello to BB for me!
      Your WA friend,
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    I am so enjoying looking at all your pictures of readers! They are wonderful! I have to say I was particularly excited to see Parker’s photos, as I also spent my holidays in Portugal – perhaps our paths crossed in Lisbon!
    Até logo!
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Dear Mrs. Monaghan,

      Happy August to you! If your trip was anything like Parker’s, I imagine it was a fabulous experience. I have never been to Portugal before. Did you have a favorite food or place you visited?
      How is Baby George? He, William and Kate are quite the popular topics here. It must be crazy there. When does school begin again?
      Happy Reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

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