Wait! There’s Still Time!

Have you sent in a photo yet?


Audrielle took a little trip to California with her family and here she is in California Adventures. I’ve never been there, but people tell me it’s a fun place to visit.

It’s August 1st and there are still 30 days to send me a photo of you reading. I am going to make a poster  of all the Bulldog Readers and display it in our brand-new library. I know you want to be part of this! Tell your friends too! Our poster last year was the most viewed bulletin board in the room.


Now, here’s a great example of how you don’t have to go far to get a great reading photo. Josa is in the comfort of his own home reading the newspaper.

Remember, reading is reading. It can be a magazine, a newspaper, a book, an eBook, a brochure, a map, the dictionary, the encyclopedia (does anyone have those anymore?) – whatever you are reading is great! Just have your family send it to this email address and I will get the photo posted within a few days.


Maybe I could get an author to send a photo of them reading one of their books! Maybe I should ask Geoff Rodkey!

Hey Geoff – if you have a spare minute, would you send me a photo of you reading Deadweather and Sunrise or New Lands? PLEASE?! Our readers would love to see a real author reading too!

If you missed my last post and poll to vote for your favorite Deadweather and Sunrise book cover, here is the link. People have been voting for their favorite cover. So far, it appears that the US cover is the favorite, although Germany is rising to the top in second place.

aug1 poll

Since I posted that, a new Israeli cover came in and Geoff has it posted on his blog. It’s a blast having this book cover/blog/author/librarian conversation. Please visit and read about More Fun with Foreign Covers and tell us what you think about this Israeli cover. I will go on the record saying my favorite cover is the one used in Australia, Italy and Turkey. The title is bold and grabs my attention, and the pirate ship is larger. It communicates the important details of the story without emphasizing one item over another. The cover works for me.


This is a great adventure book to read, so stop by your local library or bookstore and pick up a copy. The sequel New Lands is out too!


What reading photo are you going to send in?

What do you think of the poll results?

What surprises you about the Israeli cover?

Leave a comment and let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Wait! There’s Still Time!

  1. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    I really enjoyed Dead Weather and Sunrise and I loved how you posted the voting so that people could choose a favorite cover that they liked. That was cool. My favorite cover was the UK cover because it had lots of action and I liked the way Egg looked. My next favorite cover was the USA cover because it looks really nice up close. The book was amazing I loved how the characters all had different personalities and there was always great cliff hangers which I always like in books.I hope this book is in battle of the books next year.I have read all of the Cronicals Of Egg books and I can’t wait for the next Cronicals Of Egg book.We should try to get Geoff Rodkey to come to our school.

    Your student,

    • Dear Josa,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the covers. It must be incredibly difficult for editors to decide what cover to use. Then there are all the decisions that are made by the artist. How do you represent the book with an image that sells the plotline?
      Deadweather and Sunrise is not a Battle of the Books selection, although it would be an awesome choice. I need to do a post about the upcoming Battle books! I think you will like the selection. Maybe we could Skype with Geoff Rodkey sometime!

      Keep Reading and thanks so much for insisting I read this book!
      Mrs. Hembree

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