Happy Vacation Reading

Do you recognize this reader?


Hannah recently visited Lake Chelan in eastern Washington and did some awesome vacation reading! She is reading one of the Cupcake Diaries books, a popular series about the friendship of some girls. These books are available in paperback and now in eBook version too. If you want to know more, visit the Cupcake Diary website. Thanks for sharing your photo Hannah! What will you read next?

Being on vacation is the perfect time to get some reading done! I did the same thing while I was on vacation with Mr. Hembree on our southwest vacation. Dog even checked out the mystery books in the Zion National Park bookstore! I bought a copy of Over the Edge for our new library. It will be available in the mystery section.






In the photo above, I am holding Skinny-Bones by Barbara Park. Skinny-Bones was written in 1982 and is still a very funny book to read! Alex is a 6th grader who is just not the best baseball player in the world. He does have a great sense of humor though, and uses it to help him get out of a lot of sticky situations! You might recognize that very famous author name too! Do you remember what other books she has written?

Have you been reading too this summer? Send me a photo and I will get it published on the blog. Just have your parents send it to:


Keep Reading!

Mrs. Hembree

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2 thoughts on “Happy Vacation Reading

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Great photos once again I just love them all. What is great was that even Dog got in on the act woof woof well done.

    Hannah’s photo was just perfect relaxing in the warm sunshine reading for I am missing the warmth of the sun.

    Your wonderful Bulldog readers always amaze me with even thou they are on holidays they still make time to read. 🙂
    Happy reading everyone.

    Cheers from AA.

    • Dear AA,
      After months and months of dreary rain, this sunshine is a very welcome item! I’m sorry it’s raining there. Better to stay inside and get some reading done!
      I just finished an adult crime/drama/mystery book, and now I’m reading a novel about a girl named Rebel McKenzie. She’s a very unusual character and wants to grow up to be a paleontologist. I think she would love sifting through the rocks for dinosaur bones around the southwest.
      Did scientists discover those kinds of fossils in parts of Australia too?
      Stay warm,
      Mrs. Hembree

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