Rock on Dog!

Greetings from Hurricane, Utah!

Today we visited Zion National Park. It’s incredibly hot here. Driving from Las Vegas, Nevada to here yesterday we watched the thermometer rise to 120F! Today it’s 113F outside.
Anyway, we had fun hiking on the trails in Zion. Dog entertained lots of the visitors because he rode in Mr. Hembree’s backpack.


I don’t have my regular computer with me, so I will update pictures when I get back home.Have you ever toured any of the Southwest national parks? Do you like hiking? Where would you like to go? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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8 thoughts on “Rock on Dog!

  1. Mrs. Hembree,
    Dog must be pretty hot wearing a scarf in 102 degrees…we hope you packed him a bathing suit! Zion National Park looks beautiful with all of that red rock – we hope to visit there one day.
    Judy and Josa

    • Dear Josa and Judy,
      Man – it was HOT! I think it was worse for dog because he spent some of the time riding in the backpack. It was even warmer there.

      Lots of people commented on Dog and his scarf. A few thought he was an Irish mascot because of the colors. Soon I will have a post about his trip. I have to catch up on some weeding chores first!

      Hope you are reading and enjoying the summer!
      Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Miriam,

      Thanks for sharing your post about Zion National Park with me. Your photos are terrific! We didn’t do the Emerald Pool hike because it was late in the day and too hot for us by then. We were tired and wanted some cool air and shade. When we were there it was about 95-100F. We weren’t used to that kind of heat and had to watch out.
      We did go up to the Narrows, but like you didn’t go on the hike up the canyon. Lots of people were going, and it looked great. We didn’t have the right kind of footwear to deal with walking in the river with all those rocks!
      What have you been reading this summer?
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Greeting to you all from down under,

    Great post Mrs Hembree you sure are all having a wonderful time. I do hope you are all keeping up your fluids.

    I just loved the photos too!

    Hiking is one of the best way to seethe beautly of a National Parks. I remember when I did live in the Snowy Mountains often I would go with my family to the local National park.

    Happy hiking Mrs Hembree.

    Cheers AA 🙂

    • Dear AA,

      We had such a wonderful trip to see the national parks. We did lots of hiking and each day was filled to the top with things to see and places to visit.

      I remember hearing about the Snowy Mountains from a movie I saw once! It’s an old one from the 60’s I think. Probably the movie is nothing like the real thing, but it did look beautiful! I can’t even remember the name of the movie now, but it had an actor that played two different roles. Do you know this one? 🙂

      Mrs. Hembree

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree and Dog,
    Hello Mrs Hembree it is Pete here, it sounds like you and dog are having so much fun. Today BB, Her dad and I are taking her to get her ears pierced again because she wants her seconds done. BB has been getting tired lately but she still is in a happy 😀 mood. I love to hike it is so much fun.
    BB and I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO PARIS and we are going to go there sooner than later.

    Bye Mrs Hembree and Dog have fun,

    Pete the Cat

    • Dear Pete,

      How do BB’s fancy ears look now? Did you go and buy her some earrings? Mrs. Hembree tells me that Paris is a very remarkable place. If you like paintings and old buildings then you will like it. Lots of people have dogs there, so I think I would fit right in!

      Time for my afternoon nap! I’ve had to rest a lot after that long vacation and all that hiking. Mrs. Hembree has been working in the garden and dealing with all the weeds, but I’m a sleepy head!


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