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What have you been reading so far this summer?


Reese was doing some newspaper reading this morning. Apparently he didn’t like what he read, so now we have a shredded mess all over the living room floor! Nice! Well it’s Saturday and I have been doing some reading since school let out.After reading Destiny Rewritten, I decided to move to some new chapter books that younger readers would enjoy.


You can’t go wrong with any of Lunch Lady graphic novel series. This time a terrible technology villain invades the school and steals everyone’s gizmos and gadgets. Yikes! Will the Lunch Lady solve the dilemma?


Jennifer S. Holland has a new non-fiction series perfect for kids just starting to read chapter books. If you like animals, you will love these short stories about the friendships between some pretty unlikely animals.


Magic Tree House fans will like book #49 Stallion by Starlight. This time Merlin the Magician wants Jack and Annie to find the secret of greatness. What makes a person great? To find the answer they travel back in time to ancient Macedonia to meet Alexander the Great and his famed horse Bucephalus.

book 5


Newbery winning author Patricia MacLachlan’s new book is perfect for dog lovers. Zoe’s mother rescues Great Pyrenees dogs. “Pyrs”, as they are called for short, are large, yet gentle 140-150 pound, white fur dogs. When Phillip moves in next door, he becomes friends with one of the rescue puppies. Will the puppy help him speak again?


Any girl who loves the Fancy Nancy books by Jane O’Connor will adore her newest chapter book series. A little bit fancy, a little bit Nancy Drew, and a little bit mysterious fun, these books will entertain transitional picture book to chapter book readers.


Mystery fans will love the funny new mystery series by the author of the Lunch Lady series. The author Jarrett J. Krosocaka will be our featured guest author next year, so make sure you keep up with all of his latest books!


I hope these books will give you some ideas for the upcoming weeks! Tomorrow I’ll be traveling to San Antonio, Texas to attend the ISTE technology conference! I’ll be going to classes and finding out all sorts of different ideas to use in our library lessons in the fall!

Keep Reading! Mrs. Hembree


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5 thoughts on “For the Younger Readers

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    What a super selections of books to read over your summer and for us our winter.
    I really would love to read them all.

    How is your conference going? It would be awesome to catch up with some of your blogging pals Mrs Hembree.

    Happy reading to you all.

    From your pal in Australia,

  2. @ Mrs Hembree,

    Forget to mention I just loved the photo of your dog Reese not impressed with the newspaper. Maybe if you got him a dog book I somehow get the feeling he would enjoy reading it.

    Cheers AA 🙂

    • Dear AA,
      He got in a bit of trouble for that one, although I think Mr. Hembree actually invited Reese to eat that paper. Reese does love to shred newspapers. I don’t know why, but he loves it and is VERY good at it!
      Mrs. Yollis and I were just talking about our dogs and comparing notes. We had lots of naughty dog stories to make us laugh.
      What about your pups? Are they ever naughty?
      It’s finally warm in WA,
      Mrs. Hembree

  3. I’m so sad today they tor down the school.there are so many mermories there.It makes me want to cry. I will miss bell.

    • Emily,
      Did you take any photos? I wanted to see those dots floating down from the ceiling! I was at a conference in San Antonio and I met Peter Reynolds, the author of The Dot. I told hime about our dots and he thought that was a great decoration idea!
      Have you read anything good yet?
      Mrs. Hembree

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