Flora the Flamingo Backpack Buddy

We have three new backpack buddies to add to our collection! Two titles are very familiar – Go Dog Go and Knufflebunny.

We also have a new title – Flora the Flamingo

In this wordless picture book  a friendship develops between a girl named Flora and a graceful flamingo, as they learn to dance together.   Check out the book trailer about this very fun new book!

Flora the Flamingo Book Trailer


We now have 48 backpack buddies to choose from. Each one has a backpack, a book, matching puppet and a journal. Backpack buddies are available for check out in grades 1-3.


What is your favorite backpack buddy?

What book (fiction or non-fiction) would you suggest?


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3 thoughts on “Flora the Flamingo Backpack Buddy

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Oh how cute it this trailer I just loved it so much that I watched it about four times already.

    I really love this concept of having a backpack buddy. This is such a wonderful way to encourage child the wonderful world of reading.

    I really wish this was offered to me while I was in primary school, then maybe I would have gone to the library a bit more taking along with me my backpack buddy and book.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful collection of backpack buddies for the child to pick from.

    If I had the chance to pick my backpack buddy it would have to be Olga the Brolga by Rod Clement. It’s about a brolga who is in an awful mood for all she wants to do is dance sadly no one wants to dance with her. But then she makes up her mind to dance on her own and something magical happens. I better not give the story line away now Mrs Hembree 🙂

    Happy reading with your backpack buddies!

    From a very happy dancing pal,

    AA 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    Awesome post I just love the idea of having backpack buddies. I wish we had them at our school so when we go to library we have a buddy we can read to.

    If I had to pick an animal as my backpack buddy it would have to be a dog because dogs are good listeners.

    I love the wordless youtube video it was awesome.







  3. Hi Mrs Hembree

    I agree with AA, I love this book trailer! I’m also amazed that a replacement book I’ve been waiting for finally arrived today and the book was “Olga the Brolga’!!

    I really like your backpack buddies and think it’s fabulous idea to encourage young readers.

    Happy reading (and dancing) Mrs Hembree and AA!

    Miss Y 🙂

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