What do You See?


Dear Students,

When you walk around your neighborhood what do you see? I have found that I notice the most interesting things here. I am always on the look out for what might be interesting to you.

Before I set up my booth today, Mr. Hembree and I went for a walk in the neighborhood around our hotel. I played on a playground, saw the reflection of a very old church in the glass of a modern bui8lding and saw another building that was completely painted in pink. We went in the grocery store and bought some items. Then it was time to set up  my booth for Global Forum.

Here are today’s photos! I hope you enjoy them!


Mrs Hembree




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3 thoughts on “What do You See?

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Great post again! Now what I can see is a number of boxes of Ice age biscuits and you having a fun time at a play ground.

    Also your stand with your wonderful movie trailers displayed, as well some awesome photos of Prague and other finalist.

    Good luck for the next few day as I feel a win is in reach. 🙂


  2. Mrs. Hembree,

    Your display looks great – very colorful. We bet you’re having a great time sharing and learning.
    We loved the pictures in your last post. The stained glass window was breathtaking. When Tarun came back from Prague a few years ago, I remember him talking about a magnificent church he walked through – quite possibly the same one.
    We can’t wait until you get back to hear all about your experience.

    Judy and Josa

  3. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    So how is your trip? Your lucky that you get to go somewhere and skip school. School is fine.
    From Alex. 🙂

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