A Day of History

This morning we woke to the chimes of the Sunday church bells ringing in the Old Town area. After breakfast we visited the Jewish Quarter neighborhood and learned about the present and past of the Jewish people in Prague. We walked through a number of synagogues, but you won’t see any photos because taking photos is not allowed within the buildings.

After spending the morning there, we went to Wenceslas Square. You might know the name “Wenceslas” from the Christmas carol and was a much loved Duke in the Czech Republic. There is a statue in his honor in the Square. This area was also the sight of many huge, historic demonstrations in the past 50 years from when the country was trying to free itself from communist rule. Today the square is lined with fancy stores and lots and lots of tourists.

If you have time, I hope you will vote for our One and Only Ivan video in the ChangeMySchool competition. Here is the link. Voting ends on November 30th and tonight as I write this post, we were in the lead by a few votes!

From, Mrs. Hembree

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4 thoughts on “A Day of History

  1. Hi Mrs Hembree

    There is so much history to explore in Prague and I love the architecture of the buildings in your photos. Thanks for the tip to wear good walking shoes.

    Fancy seeing you in a bookshop! The Diary of a Wimpy Kid seems to be everywhere…

    I’ve already voted for your One and Only Ivan video and have my fingers and toes crossed for you!

    Miss Y 🙂

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Once again what wonderful photos you have posted on your blog. I agree with Miss Y so much history to explore in Prague. My mum would often say that if you want to learn more about history and architecture you need to visit Europe.

    Loved that fact that you were able to purchases The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It’s wonderful.

    What has been your favourite part of Prague so far Mrs Hembree?

    Happy sight seeing Mrs and Mr Hembree.

    AA 🙂

  3. Mrs. Hembree,

    Such beautiful photos…I see you are wearing a scarf – how cold is it? Is Mr. H having fun too?

    I’m heading off to the school right now to hang posters urging everyone to vote for Ivan : )


    • Dear Josa’s Mom,

      I am wearing a scarf because we are outside all day walking all over. Sometimes the wind whips up and it gets a little chilly. Really, I am not cold at all! Mrs. Hembree is having fun too! Thanks for asking.

      We walked around the back streets of Old Town today. We went inside the Tyn Church. Actually the real name is – Church of Our Lady Before Tyn. You would love it. It dates to the 15th century and looks like a fairy tale castle.

      Thank you for putting up posters to help with voting for the video! How incredibly thoughtful of you!
      mrs. Hembree

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