Our 2012 Edublog Nominations!

It’s  November!  That also means that it’s time for your nominations for the 2012 Edublog Awards! This is the time when educational bloggers can recognize the incredible work of other bloggers around the world.

It’s not easy narrowing the choices to one nominee. Our blog has been greatly influenced by the work of many amazing librarians, teachers and bloggers. It’s our turn to say, “Thank you!” in nominating them for an award!

Have a favorite blog? You can nominate until November 26th. You can find more information here.

Here are my nominees for 2012

Best Library Blog: Watch. Connect. Read – I discovered book trailers because of Mr. Schu’s use of them in his incredible blog. That single discovery has certainly influenced the course of my career in the last year. There would be no One and Only Ivan video or Kid Lit Movie project if I hadn’t discovered this incredible blog.




Best Video/podcast: Mr. Avery’s Classroom Blog math videos. This 6th grade teacher knows how to take math, add a little fun, and create videos that teach other kids hard mathematical concepts.


Best Classroom Blog: 4KM and 4KJ @ Leopold Primary School – This blog was one of the first I ever discovered on the web. Last summer I met Mrs. Morris, one part of this team blog. These teachers never stop reaching for new and innovative ways to share what they are doing in the classroom.



Best Student Blog: BB’s Awesome Blog There aren’t enough fabulous words to describe BB’s student blog. For two years BB has kept her blog going with charming and original weekly posts, with the help and support of her mom AA. Someday I am going to fly to Australia and meet this incredible family.



Lifetime Achievement Award: Sue Wyatt  This Australian teacher retired last year, yet she continues to help students and teachers with the Student Blogging Challenges. Retired, but still working…a lot…for free? Who does that anymore? Sue does!




Influential Blog Post: Linda Yollis- November is Family Blogging Month Linda charted the course for hundreds of teachers on how to involve families in blogging.



 Individual Tweeter: @JoAnnJacobs68–  During the depths of the dark, dank and dreary Seattle winter months, JoAnn brought sunshine into my life with her thoughtful tweets and Hawaiian flower photos.






Best Twitter Hashtag: #choose2matter – Angela Maiers started this movement. She has a great passion for helping students understand what they do really does matter and make a difference in our world beyond the 4 walls of the classroom.



Best Group Blog: Nerdy Book Club – No other group blog supports the love of reading like the Nerdy Book Club. Add it to your daily reading for a dose of literary bliss.




  EdTech Blog Cool Cat Teacher Blog – I can always count on learning something new about educational technology when I read one of Vicki Davis’ blog posts!


Best Teacher Blog: Finding Ways for All Kids to Flourish – Joan Young – Joan writes from her heart. She really does believe that everyone has a place and can show their best.



Best Individual Blog Tracy Watanabe Tracy knows how to bring her knowledge of teaching, technology and resources together in a great blog.



Now it’s your turn!

 I hope you will nominate someone who has helped you!

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8 thoughts on “Our 2012 Edublog Nominations!

  1. Julie,

    Thank you so much for your kind nomination. It’s an honor to be included in this wonderful list of educators! I have not been to Mr. Schu’s blog before. Thank you for introducing me through your Eddie Nomination… I look forward to digging in. … I’m also looking forward to ISTE13. Are you planning on attending? It was a joy to have met you last summer in person. Thanks so much for all you do to inspire others!

    Kind regards,

    • Dear Tracy,

      I’m glad you found out about John’s blog because he’s a very connected librarian and is a great go to person for what books are coming out right now! There’s always controversy about the Edublog Awards- should we/should we not have an award system. Controversy aside, I think the power of the “eddies” is finding out about new people to learn from. We are a connected global world and we can all benefit from the sharing with one another.

      Yes, I am registered for ISTE13 and am staying with my favorite Hawaiian friend! I’m waiting to hear if my poster session will be approved.

      Happy Thanksgiving!
      Julie Hembree

  2. Julie,
    Thank you so much for including me in such a wonderful list of educators. I have learned so much from connecting with you and I am especially thankful that we got to meet this past summer at ISTE12.
    I absolutely love reading your blog and all about the work you are doing with your students.
    Thanks again,

    • Dear Joan,

      I loved meeting you last summer at ISTE and hopefully we will have a repeat in San Antonio! I loved your last post about adding vivid words to images! I had my students do something similar last year using powerpoint. It’s a fun way to make writing creative and thought provoking.
      Keep doing all that you do!
      Your friend,

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Thank you so much for nominating 4KM and 4KJ for best class blog! We are really flattered and feel honoured to be amongst some fabulous bloggers.

    It was such a pleasure to meet you earlier this year. I do hope you come over to Australia some day!

    Thank you for all your encouragement and support.

    Your friend,
    Mrs Morris

    • Dear Mrs. Morris,

      Your blog and Mrs.Yollis’ blogs have always been my source of inspiration! I have learned so much from you. One of the highlight of the summer of 2012 was meeting both of you in person in San Diego. Hopefully I will meet Miss Jordan one day too!

      We have a saying America when we want to do something. We say, “it’s on my bucket list.” Visiting Australia is definitely on my bucket list!
      Your librarian friend,
      Mrs. Hembree

  4. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    I would like to say I feel you have picked well for this years Edublog Nominations. As I am BB’s mum I would like to express have very grateful that you nominated BB and I know once she read this she will be too.

    However I will have to say for my choice for best Library blog we will be nominating your blog.

    Just love your Bulldog Readers blog and have learned a great deal for each and every post you post up.
    You and your blog rock Mrs Hembree!

    From your biggest fan down under,
    AA 🙂

  5. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    Awesome post and thank you so much for nominating me it really means a lot. I like to call nominating Nom Nom’s well I did not make it up. You have picked some really awesome people for Edublogs. I would love to see your face or any of my blogging pals face when they win it would mean so much to me to see them happy. I really do hope I win it would be such an achievement. I hope you do fly to Australia I would love, love to see you in person. Mrs Hembree I am going to vote for you for the Best Library blog you sure do deserve it for having awesome posts. I sure did not know you can nominate till 26th of November. Mrs Hembree I was wondering when does the Edublogs start like what date?
    I am putting a new post up tonight you may like to read it.



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