Meet the Real Ivan

Everyone at our school knows that I am a little bit crazy about the book,

The One and Only Ivan!

They know that the highlight of our school year was the day

Katherine Applegate, Julia and Anne visited our school!

I have given this particular book to my family, friends and blogging buddies as far away as Australia.

Fast forward to July 2012!

I am writing this post today in green, because I am green with envy!


 Because the Super-Librarian Mr. Schu visited the real  Ivan yesterday at Zoo Atlanta.

Used with permission from John Schu

He and  Donna, another librarian,  are on their annual summer reading trip. This year they called it “Let’s Go South 12” and they decided to drive to Atlanta, Georgia to visit the real Ivan in person! I am very envious of their experience! I have never been to Georgia and to see Ivan up close would be pretty awesome. He has given me permission to share these photos with you.

The traveling plush Ivan got to meet the real Ivan too!

Used with permission from John Schu

 How could a trip like this be any better that that? By getting the real Ivan’s autograph!

Used with permission from John Schu

Congratulations Mr. Schu for visiting Zoo Atlanta and sharing your photos with us! You can follow the other places they visit on the Let’s Go South 12 blog. You can also read more on Mr. Schu’s blog Watch. Connect. Read. He’ll be writing in greater detail about his visit with Ivan.

In the meantime, I am getting ready for my trip next week to the  Microsoft Partners in Learning US Forum to showcase our Kid Lit Movies project. I’m also bringing Ivan, the inspiration for our book trailer project. Check back next week for updates and photos on this incredible experience! Did you know our student book trailers have had over 6,700 views now from people in 150 different countries? How’s that for incredible?


How did seeing the real Ivan make you feel?

Is there a place you would like to visit because of a book you read?

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7 thoughts on “Meet the Real Ivan

  1. Mrs. Hembree,

    How neat that Mr. Schu got to meet the real Ivan. Josa and I have talked about how much we would like to visit Zoo Atlanta as we are also big fans of Ivan and his book. Ivan’s “domain” looks much nicer than the one he had in Tacoma…

    Thank you for sharing this with us,
    Judy and Josa

    • Dear Judy,

      Yes, doesn’t his domain look pleasant and happy? So much better than the B & I in Tacoma. That was one sad place from what my husband has said from seeing Ivan there.

      Mr.Schu is on an amazing trip and it is certainly fun to travel along via the computer!

      Are you traveling at all this summer?

      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Hi Mrs Hembree
    I really love checking out your blog. You have encouraged me to start my own blog. Our next project is book trailers. Wish me luck on that one.
    Cheers Sue

    • Dear Sue,

      Thank you so much for visiting our blog! The wonderful part of blogging is meeting and encouraging our new friends as we ALL try new things! If you ever have questions about blogging or making trailers, please ask! It’
      s my favorite subject and I’d love to help you!

      Your new friend,
      Julie Hembree

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    I have a huge smile this post is wonderful. I loved reading and viewing the photos especially the one with little Ivan and in the back ground was the real Ivan. 🙂

    Also a huge thanks to John Schu for his great photos which he shared with us all.

    A huge thank you to you too Mrs Hembree for sending BB her very own copy of “The One and Only Ivan”. For if it wasn’t for you both BB and I would never have known about Ivan. And last but not least is Katherine Applegate for writing such a wonderful and up lifting book! Such a beautiful read with a beautiful ending too.

    Take care Mrs Hembree.

    From your pal down under,

  4. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    I just love this post it is awesome.

    I would just love to see the real Ivan at the zoo.

    I just loved the photo of the toy Ivan having a photo with the real Ivan.

    Mum has just finished reading The One and Only Ivan. Mum said she enjoyed this book so much. Mum also cried happy tears.

    I felt sorry for Ivan when he lived in a cage.

    But now he has a huge and better space to play in.

    From your pal,


    😀 🙂

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