Our Friends Read Too!

Our reading photos today come from two of our blogging friends in other parts of the country! Isn’t it great that blogging can open up connections with people near and far?

Sarah, a former student from Mrs. Yollis’s class in California sent us this photo of her reading with her mom. Here is what she wrote to me with her reading photo:

I love reading with my mom in the evening. I pick a difficult book with many high level words and my mom helps me understand the book. Right now, I am reading one of my mom’s favorite books called Anne of Green Gables. It is about an orphan girl named Anne Shirley, and her life in a small farming village. Anne has very red hair that cause her great distress. She also has an excellent imagination that helps her get through difficult times.

Mrs. Krebs, a teacher in Iowa, heard about our summer reading contest and sent us this photo of her reading! I love how she chose an unusual perspective on reading! Here is the link to comment on Mrs. Kreb’s blog. If you are wondering what book Mrs. Kreb is reading, it’s called The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller.

 A HUGE Thank you! to our blogging friends for sending in their reading photos! You can also contribute a photo to Mrs. Yollis’ 366 project with the permission of your parents. Join in on the reading photo fun!

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8 thoughts on “Our Friends Read Too!

  1. Mrs. Hembree,
    Thanks for sharing my picture! I have had a wonderful summer. So far I’ve read 33 books. I have several more I want to get to before the summer is over!

    I love Anne of Green Gables too. Some of my 7th graders read that book.

    Keep up the good work, Mrs. Hembree!

    Mrs. Krebs

    • Dear Mrs. Krebs,
      Awesome reading numbers for this summer! I’m not nearly as high as you. In the summer, I read longer adult mysteries, and they take me more time!

      Do you have a favorite book from the summer? For teacher reading, I enjoyed World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students by Dr. Yong Zhao. I like how the emphasis is coming back to creativity and innovation.

      Keep Reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Once again what great photos your readers are sending in. I just love the photo of Mrs Krebs reading with her daughter.
    Often Bianca and I would share a couch and get out our books and read. 🙂

    I love having that time with Bianca it really is special. I have just finished reading The One and Only Ivan. I would have to say it is my all time second favourite book I have read. I was crying, laughing and screaming with over joy at the end.

    Thank you for sending this book to Bianca it is a book that we both will treasure for ever Mrs Hembree!

    Also great photo of Mrs Yollis reading while laying around I wish the sun would shine here soon.

    Happy reading Mrs Hembree.

    From your pal,

    • Dear AA,

      I am so pleased you enjoyed The One and Only Ivan! It is such a special book and I agree with you on that!

      One of the librarians I follow went on a road trip to the Zoo Atlanta to visit the real Ivan. He was there today and shared a few photos on Twitter. Here is the link to his blog: http://www.mrschureads.blogspot.com/ I hope he will post more photos of his visit to the zoo soon.

      It’s really exciting that different people are participating in the summer/winter reading photos. I got this idea from Mr. Schu – the librarian on the Ivan trip!

      Keep reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

  3. @ Mrs Hembree,

    Thanks for the link have just checked out the link and I LOVE it and of course all the little One and Only Ivan’s.

    I agree with you it is so wonderful heaps of your blogging pals are hoping on board with where are you reading.

    Love it. Happy reading Mrs Hembree.

    From your friend,
    AA 🙂

  4. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    I just love your new post it is awesome.

    I have thought about reading Anne of Green Gables. I sounds like a funny and interesting book to read.

    I love the picture of Mrs Yollis reading and relaxing at the same time.
    Keep those photos rolling in everyone!
    From your pal,


    • Dear BB,

      I am very excited that the photos are coming in! The photo of the person in the hammock reading is actually Mrs. Krebs in Iowa. She is one of our blogging buddies there. I think she was try to stay cool because Iowa is in the mid-section of the US and it has been extremely hot there!

      I don’t remember reading Anne of Green Gables as a girl. I think I need to add it now. I was a bit of a mystery or horse book fanatic in those days. Other books, no matter how awesome, didn’t get into my “READ” pile! I am making up for that now as an adult.

      I am writing a new post about The One and Only Ivan today. I think you will like it!

      Have a good day in school,
      Mrs. Hembree

  5. Dear Mrs. Hembree,

    Thank you so much for publishing my photo. I think many kids would like Anne of Green Gables.

    My grandma is also a librarian. She works at the University of Southern California. She sometimes brings us books from the library to read.


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