Fabulous Edublog Award News!


Yesterday, the Edublog Awards were announced and it was a big

day for the Bulldog Reader Blog!

In the Best Library Blog category,

we were the runner-up!

Mrs. Hembree is the happiest runner-up Librarian in the world!


 It’s quite an honor to be short-listed with all of these other fabulous teacher librarians! And it’s all because of our world-wide support system and your votes!

Big congratulations to Mrs. Ducharme the winner of the Best Library Blog category! TryCuriousity is located in Budapest, Hungary at the American International School of Budapest. We nominated her for this category and are so thrilled she won!

Thank you so much for voting! Edublogs had the most votes ever! There were a total of 35,083 votes cast on 1792 nominations in 18 different categories!

The Edublog Awards were announced in a ceremony via Blackboard Collaborate at 4pm yesterday afternoon. Anyone who wanted to participate could log into the live webcast and watch the proceedings.

People from every continent logged in and had fun chatting in the back-channel before the awards began. Many of the attendees were students who were nominated for Best Student Blog.  I watched the event on my computer at home with my dogs Reese and Kasa next to me.  They couldn’t figure out why I was home and not taking them for a walk!

When the library blog short-list was announced, I guess I got a little excited and pretty soon both dogs were barking and running around the house wondering what all the fuss was about! It was a fun and noisy afternoon at the Hembree house!

Many of our blogging friends either won or were short-listed in their categories!

Mrs. Yollis won for Best Class Blog, and Mr. Salsich’s Class  in Connecticut and 2KM & 2KJ in Australia were finalists! These teachers also won for the Best Group BlogOur World, Our Stories. 

Mrs. Yollis also won Most Influential Blog Post and came in second in the Lifetime Achievement category!

Mr. Avery’s Classroom Blog was third in Best Use of Audio/Video/Podcast!

The Best Student Blog went to Jaden, a 4th grader in California! He was in Mrs. Yollis’s class last year! 

A really special moment for me came after the ceremony was over when BB came on the microphone and congratulated all her friends and teachers! We get lots of comments from BB and I have even received packages from her, but I had never heard her voice before! She was in Mrs. Morris and Miss Kelly’s classroom for the ceremony.

 BB hosts BB’s Awesome Blog and is an almost 4th grade student in Australia and always leaves us a comment! Our students love her and she is held in the highest regard around our school for her blogging skills! She will be going on summer vacation next week, and won’t be blogging much over the holidays, but I know she would love a comment!

My last big congratulations goes to Ms. Joyce Valenza who won for Lifetime Achievement. She is a fellow teacher/librarian and contributes so much of her knowledge to our librarian team.

Have you ever won an award before?
Which are your favorite blogs to visit?



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9 thoughts on “Fabulous Edublog Award News!

  1. Way to go Mrs. Hembree and The Bulldog Readers! We are so thankful to you Mrs. Hembree for all of your hard work on making our school library blog informative, interesting and FUN!


    • Dear Judy,
      Thank you so much for voting and supporting our library blog! It is a job I love and hope others will catch the blogging fever!
      Thank you for all the books you and Josa donated this year to our library! You really help us so much!
      Enjoy your holidays!
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree and Bulldog readers,

    Congratulations wow how wonderful you came runner up.
    This is awesome here is hoping this time nexted year you will be first runner up. 🙂
    BB and I would love that.

    Your blog and Mrs Yollis, Mrs Lynch, 2KM and 2KJ as well as Miriams blog are my all time favourite blogs which I love to visit. Your blogs are so amazing! I learn so much from you all.

    I have won some awards way back when I was working which was nice.

    Mrs Hembree I can tell you this the very first thing which came out of BB’s mouth when I picked her up from school was all about YOU.

    From your number one fan,

  3. Dear mrs. Hembree,

    congratulations i love your blog and you should of won
    in first place!. But it’s hard to beat mrs.Yollis’s class!
    they have posted alot of interesting things on there blog .

    love Lauren,

    • Dear Lauren,
      Thank you for your comment! I am so glad you enjoy visiting the blog! That is what is important!
      Mrs. Yollis has a fabulous blog and unless she becomes a librarian, we won’t ever be in competition with each other. She is in a different category because she has a class blog and we have a library blog.
      I hope you enjoy your vacation and keep reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

  4. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    Thank you for inclding me in your post that made me so happy.

    I had my fingers crossed that you would win Best Library Blog but you came second and that is pretty awesome too!

    Mrs Hembree you have to come to Australia becasue I would love to meet you in full person.

    Interesting questions Mrs Hembree.

    I have never won an award before.

    I like to visit any blog.

    From BB.

  5. Dear Mrs. Hembree and the Bulldog Readers,

    ⟐ Congratulations! ⟐ I know how much work you put into your blog and the comments, and I’m thrilled that you all were recognized!

    You are really on the leading edge of what a library should be. Of course, libraries will always be places for learning and having fun using books. However, the way you are teaching children to learn outside of the traditional space is where we need the guidance and support. Thank you, Mrs. Hembree, for being a leader librarian!

    It has been a tremendous year for my students and for me. We appreciate all the love and attention we’ve received from our friends and look forward to many more years of learning and friendship!

    How exciting that you got to speak with BB! I’m jealous! I had rushed home and Mr. Yollis and I had plans so I could only stay a little bit after the ceremony ended. Bianca and her mother, AA, are special bloggers. They are always supporting other people and I really value them as friends.

    Congratulations again! Very well deserved, my friend!

    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Dear Mrs. Yollis,
      Your support of our blog means the world to me. As I have often said, I consider you one of my blogging mentors. Integrating the blogging world into our school library lessons is an on-going learning process for me. You model this integration in your classroom so well and I have learned much from your lead.
      We are all educators learning and supporting one another to enhance our teaching! That’s really what matters in the Edublog Awards.

      Congratulations on your achievements and see you in a few months!
      Your friend,
      Mrs. Hembree

  6. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    A belated congratulation on your placing and thank you for including us in this post!

    I’m so glad you could hear BB. She is a wonderful student and I hope she continues to blog in 2012. Maybe one day you will meet BB and AA!

    I’m looking forward to introducing your blog to my new grade four students in 2012.

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

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