Zipping with a Book in Costa Rica


Wonders never cease!

 Who would think you could read and go on a zipline in Costa Rica!

Emma proves you can!

Emma is reading, I mean ready to ride the zipline!


Reading and zipping along!Having a reading blast on the zipline! Go Emma!

Do you know what book Emma is reading?
Have you ever been on a zipline?
How far away did Emma travel from Seattle to read???


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6 thoughts on “Zipping with a Book in Costa Rica

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    How cool is Emman! She really is taking reading to a whole new level and I just love it.

    Now that would have been quite a challenge to read and zip along on that zip line I really don’t think I could have done it.
    Well done Emman! I am so impressed. 🙂

    Once again your Bulldogs Reader are alway amazing me with where they are reading.

    From your friend down under,

    • Dear AA,
      Emma sure has taken reading to a new level! 🙂 Very amazing! I know I couldn’t do it!

      BB said ziplines are called Flying Foxes there! How interesting and appropriate!

      Your pal,
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs.Hembree , have you ever been zip line in
    Costa Rica ? I have been reading Diary of a Wimpy kids. So where have you been so far? From Alex. P.s. Did you have any postcard for Russia?

    • Hi Alex,
      I have never been on a zipline before anywhere! It looks fun and scary at the same time!

      Have you enjoyed reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books? There is a new one coming out in November! I will have to buy a few copies for the library.

      I haven’t received any postcards from Russia. We have all been on summer vacation. Perhaps we should send one to them soon!

      See you next week!
      Mrs. Hembree

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    I love your new post.

    Looks like Emma is having fun on the Zipline (flying fox as we Australian call it).

    I have never been on a Flying fox before I wonder if it would be scary.

    At the Otway Fly they have a Flying fox there. You can fly right around the rain forest.

    It looks like Emma is reading a Piano book.

    I have no idea how far away Emma was from Settle. I am looking forward to the answer to this question!

    Thanks for asking mum and I to help you with your special task Mrs Hembree. 🙂

    From your pal,

    • Dear BB,
      I think it’s so interesting that you call a zipline a Flying Fox! I think Emma was having lots of fun! I have never been on a zipline before.

      I know other people who have been on one and they seem to like it. I have seen people do it on the television too and everyone always seems so glad to be zipping or flying along.

      For me? I don’t know yet. I am a bit afraid of heights. I think if I was zipping through the rain forest, I could get over my fear because it would be so exciting!

      You were right! The book Emma is reading is a book called The Rising Star of Rusty Nail. It’s a book about a girl who wants to take advanced piano lessons from a newcomer to her small town. The newcomer is a Russian immigrant and is suspected of being a communist spy in the 1950’s. She wasn’t and the story is really good!

      I am so glad you and your mom are willing to help me with my special task!

      Your pal,
      Mrs. Hembree

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