Summer Reading Rocks!


Our Bulldog Readers continue to amaze me with their reading photo submissions!

Alex knows Reading Rocks!


Rock Reading looks dangerous!


Alexander enjoys a book in the back yard!


Destin says, "Reading leaves you smiling!"


Ellie reads in a kayak!



Josh reading on the USS South Dakota prop


Ty and Josh reading to Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

Ty reading on the USS South Dakota anchor.


Alexander and his wonderful piles of books!


Shane in his favorite tree!

What do you think about our new photos?
What have you been reading this summer?
School starts September 6th!
See you soon in our new library place!


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9 thoughts on “Summer Reading Rocks!

  1. Aloha Mrs. Hembree,
    I love your photos and yes, there are so many more places that you can read other than a library or classroom. Reading is my passion so I am always trying to catch a minute just to squeeze in one more page. I have also been using my iPad2 for reading and I am enjoying it. One of my favorite books that I read this summer was “The City of Tranquil Light.” I also read all of my Kevin Henkes books just for fun.
    Enjoy the rest of your summer.
    Mrs. Jacobs

    • Hello Mrs. Jacobs,
      It is always wonderful to hear from you and the great state of Hawaii! I’m glad to hear that reading is your passion because it can take you to so very many places. Right now I am reading a non-fiction Guide book about Australia. I hope to visit there one day and I want to know more about the country.
      I read a lot of books this summer and one of my favorites was Touchblue by Cynthia Lord. It is a chapter book for set on an island in Maine. Since Maine is one of my favorite places in the world, I really enjoyed the book.
      Thanks for sharing your favorites and I hope you have a great start to your school year!
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Once again your wonderful Bulldog Readers have amazed me with the photos they have sent in.

    It is so wonderful to see them all doing great indoor and out door activtives and still are able to read. 🙂

    I wish I could tell you that I am reading at this given time but have got the cold once again and really am just doing a lot of drinking water. 🙁
    However I do have a favourite book that I do like to re read every now and then it is called To Kill a Mocking Bird.
    Have you ever read this book?

    I had to read this back way back in High School and to this day I still enjoy picking it up to re read.

    Take Care Mrs Hermbree.
    From your pal down under,

    • Dear AA,
      Don’t those photos amaze you too? I have been to Mt. Rushmore where the boys were reading! Mt. Rushmore has the carvings of 4 of our very famous presidents-Washingon, Jefferson, T. Roosevelt and A. Lincoln. They represent the 1st 130 years of the history of the US. The faces are huge and it is a spectacular sight to see.

      How curious that you mentioned To Kill a Mockingbird! I know a lot of people who put that book on their top 10 list! I reread it this summer and once again, loved it from cover to cover! It also saddens me because it refers to a very troubling time in our history when everyone was supposed to be equal, but really weren’t considered that way in many states. I am so glad those years are over.

      I wonder if you and BB could be two of my official reading contest judges? I am going to award 5 prizes and if you would share your 5 favorites (they don’t have to be the same) that would help me out so much. Please email your ideas to If you have a reason why you are choosing them, please share it with me too!

      I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!
      Mrs. Hembree

  3. @ sorry Mrs Hembree,

    I made a mistake I was ment to write I had to read this book back in High School.

    Sorry for this mistake will.

    From AA.

  4. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    More reading going around how wonderful.

    Your Summer holidays are almost finished did you miss school Mrs Hembree?

    The photos are just awesome.

    I like how Ty and Josh were reading at Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota.

    How cool is that anchor! Ty looks rather small sitting in front of it.
    That anchor is so HUGE and looks rather heavy too.

    This Winter I am reading the Geronimo Stilton book series. The book which I am reading at this moment is called ” A Fabumouse School Adventure.” I am really enjoying this book.

    From your pal,

    • Hi BB,
      Thanks for your comment! You are always so prompt! As to your question if I miss school in the summer, the answer is no. Crazy answer? Really, I’m not at school with students, but in the summer I do a lot of my learning, so I can be up-to-date on things for the fall when my students come back.

      On Friday I am going to a special Google workshop led by one of the Google team members. I am going to learn about Google searches and how to instruct my students to do internet searching that is safe and quick and reliable. I also took other courses in the summer, so I feel that I am in school year round!

      I’m glad you like the Geronimo Stilton books! They are very funny and I like how they combine the pictures with text.
      I wonder what you will read next?
      Mrs. Hembree

  5. @ Mrs Hembree,

    Wow and thank you for asking BB and I as your officials in picking out who should the winners should be. For they are all winners so this will be a huge challenge, one that we both accept:)

    If it is alright with you BB and will just work though the wonderful photographs and get back to you over this weekend and give you our picks. If this doesn’t suit just let me know and thank you once again

    Yes, I do agree with you that the book to Kill a Mocking Bird was a very powerful and at times very hass. Oh how right you are in saying thank goodnees those days have gone.

    I know school will be starting soon so all the best with school and your wonderful new library. 🙂

    From your firend down under,

    • Dear AA,

      I am so please you would like to help me with this daunting and fun task! I am in no rush, so take your time over the weekend with BB and get back to me when you are ready.

      I will email you with some things to consider!

      Your friend,
      Mrs. Hembree

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