Reading Makes You Grow!


More of our Bulldog readers have sent in photos of them reading during the summer! Check out our latest additions!

Josa learns that reading can make you grow!


Josa cooks with R2D2!


Ellie & Alissa “tree-reading”!
If you have a photo of you reading, please email it to!
 I will accept photos until August 31st!
In the meantime, Keep Reading!
If you have a comment for our adventurous readers, let us know!



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6 thoughts on “Reading Makes You Grow!

  1. Dear Mrs.Hembree , So then did you got the picture from Josa? So how was summer ? Yesterday I went to Wild Waves it was fun because the water rides were fast and slow and I think that the rides some rides were high some are spinning and crazy rides. From Alex P.s. I wonder what is the how big is the building and the playground. 🙂

    • Dear Alex,
      I got the photo of Josa while I was on vacation, so it took me a few days to get it posted.

      It sounds like you enjoyed your trip to Wild Waves! It’s a fun place to be on a hot summer day!

      I have not seen any of the construction at school yet, so I can’t give you any clues! We will all be surprised it think!

      What have you been reading?
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Once again your bulldog readers have sent in another lot of amazing photos.

    They photo of Ellie and Alissa is just awesome they look pretty high up in the tree . Somehow I feel that the girls would have got a great view of the forrest from where they were sitting. Great reading girls!

    Also I just loved the photos Josa has sent in. He really has sent in some amazing photos of himself reading. I really love the photo of Josa reading, cooking with his friend from Star Wars! Great photos Josa and well done!

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post I have really enjoyed looking at all the photos your wonderful Bulldog Readers have sent in.
    I do have a favourite but will let you know when you pick the winner.

    Happy reading everyone!
    From your pal,

    • Dear AA,
      The reading photos are so fabulous that I know it’s going to be a hard decision picking a winner!

      I can’t wait to hear which one is your favorite! Only a few more days left of the contest!

      Mrs. Hembree

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    Awesome post.

    Josa looks very tall in that mirror.

    I wonder what Josa is whipping up in that Star Wars Cooking book.

    Ellie and Alissa look like they are having a fun time.

    I am starting to read Geronimo Stilton.

    Hope everyone is reading.

    From your pal,

    • Dear BB,
      Those mirrors are so funny that change your shape VERY tall or very WIDE!

      Do you like Geronimo Silton? They are funny books!

      I happen to know that Josa is a very avid StarWars fan, so I wasn’t surprised to see him cooking up something from the cookbook! Like you, I wonder what he cooked!

      Mrs. Hembree

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