Morgan, Madison and Megan in Missouri!

At the corner of 3 states!

At the corner of Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas!


Praying Hands Memorial, Webb City, MO.
Praying Hands Memorial, Webb City, MO.


At the Joplin Public Library

At the Joplin Public Library, Joplin, Missouri

In late May, a massive tornado tore through Joplin destroying 25% of the city.

You can see some of the destruction in this photo.

Repair manuals are important after a tornado! Notice the damage in the background.

Repair manuals are important after a tornado! Notice the damage in the background.









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13 thoughts on “Morgan, Madison and Megan in Missouri!

  1. Dear Mrs.Hembree , Did they send pictures to you? I wonder? Mrs.Hembree Did you now I all most got a rested in Vietnam I hope you are surprise that it happen for real It does. From Alex. P.S. I saw Alex.F at Kayak Point a few weeks ago and his sister. 🙂

    • Dear Alex,
      Wow, you went to Vietnam? I want to hear all about your trip when we get back to school in September. Did you get any photos of you reading there? Yes, the students have been sending me the photos.

      Just take a digital photo. Email it to me at as a jpeg attachment and I will take it from there!

      Keep reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    This is such a wonderful idea once again how! wonderful are all of the above photos. 🙂

    I do love the Praying Hands photo graph. I would love to know more why this is a Memorial for and why is it called the Praying Hands.

    The girls sure have been to some wonderful places and reading a great selection of books too.

    Well done girls!
    Keep reading and can’t wait to see more photos.

    From your pal down under,
    AA. 🙂

    • Dear AA,

      Yes, I agree with you! The photos the students are sending are spectacular! I was moved by the photo with the remnants of the tornado in Joplin. It only happened a couple of months ago and hundreds of people were affected by the damage.

      I have never been to the memorial, but I did find their website. I thought you might want to read about it.

      I have more photos to publish next week, so stay tuned!
      Thanks for your support!
      Mrs. Hembree

  3. @ Mrs Hembree,

    Thank you for the link and I must say I found the information very moving.

    Yes I was just saying to my husband how I did find the photo of the girls reading in Joplin very moving as well.

    Can’t wait for your nexted lot of great photos so until nexted week take care.

    From a very cold day down under,

  4. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Once again great photos of the girls reading.

    I found their photos very interesting becasue of all the different places they have been to and reading.

    I felt very upset when I saw the girls were reading in Joplin where the tornado hit. I thought of all the people who lost their homes and loved ones.

    Looking forward to the nexted lot of photos.

    From your pal,

    • Dear BB,
      When I first saw the photos with the damage in the background, I didn’t understand. Then I remembered about the tornado that hit Joplin.

      I think it’s admirable that you have such compassion for people so far from you!

      Enjoy your week!
      Mrs. Hembree

  5. Dear Mrs.Hembree , What if i comment and then put a picture on it can that work I will be waiting for you comment. You Student Alex. 🙂

  6. Hi Mrs.Hembree
    So how is your summer? Mrs.Hembree I had practice drawing sense I was in second grade I hope I remember the way to the library because I was thing to show my drawings to you . You Student Alex.:)

  7. Dear Mrs.Hembree,

    How is your summer? I do somethings fun like going to Canada and going to others place but I like the one where I went to Vietnam in Second Grade and that was fun Write Back You. From Eric Your Student

  8. Dear Mrs.Hembree,

    My Summer is great and i went to California in a city called Garden Grove CA.I went there in second grade and it was fun with my cousins Tiffany,Timothy and Tammy and there house is big they have a big pool and I swam in it Write Back.You Student Eric

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