The Australian Flat Stanley’s Are Here!

Welcome Flat Stanleys to the Bulldog Reader Library!

Our favorite Mascot, Reese Too greeted seven Flat Stanleys who flew to Seattle from Coffs Harbour, Australia! They were created by Emily, Ebony, Grace, Samantha, Destiny, Hayley, and Tallon. Their trip took 7 days to get from Australia to here!


Reese Too is surrounded by the Australian Flat Stanleys

Reese Too is surrounded by the Australian Flat Stanleys

Mrs. Howlin, the librarian at the Cozy Corner Library in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia sent the Flat Stanleys to us!

Some of her students read the book Flat Stanley  by Jeff Brown and decided to send him on  a trip from Australia to Washington. You can read about the project on  Mrs. Howlin’s Cozy Corner blog. Each Flat Stanley came with some stories, photos and pictures from their Australian friends.

 I took all seven Flat Stanley’s home for the evening to go for a ride.


Then they met the real Reese. He didn’t really like them climbing up on top of him, so they had to be “flat” on the bed!


After the very long flight, car trip and visit with the dogs, it seemed like it was time for a Vegemite sandwich and a glass of milk to re-charge for some fun activities with our students.

You can find Vegemite in American stores too!

You can find Vegemite in American stores too!

Now the Flat Stanleys will go off with seven students and have some fun with them!

We will have more news about their travels next week.

Another group of Australian Flat Stanleys went to a school in Iowa. You can read about their adventures on Mrs. Krebs’ Class Blog.

If you have never read the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown, you can find it in our library. It was published in 1964 and is the story of Stanley Lambchop who was flattened when a bulletin board that is hanging over his bed falls down in the middle of the night and flattens him. Stanley finds that he can do some amazing things now that he is flat. Eventually he is restored to his regular boy self.

In 1995, a Dale Hubert, a teacher in Canada started a Flat Stanley project where school children send their handmade Flat Stanleys to other places in the world and record their travels. It has been a very fun writing and geography project for thousands of children throughout the world.


Where should the Flat Stanleys go in the Seattle area?

Have you ever sent a Flat Stanley somewhere?

Leave us a comment and let us know!

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5 thoughts on “The Australian Flat Stanley’s Are Here!

  1. Hi Bulldogs,
    I loved reading your post about Flat Stanley and seeing the adventures he is having there. One of my Australian Flat Stanleys helped me plant my herb garden. He was a big help.

    Thanks for linking back to our blog post. My 7th graders are having so much fun. Tonight several Stanleys are out at our local festival riding on the carnival rides. I hope they don’t get sick from all the funnel cake I’m sure they also ate.

    We only have one more day of school, so we’ll be sending them back down under really soon.

    Have fun!
    Mrs. Krebs

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    Awesome post.

    I love the Flat Stanleys they are all awesome.

    Did you like the Vegemite?

    I love eating Vegemite but I do not have it every day.

    Your dog looked so cute with all the Flat Stanleys around him.

    I love getting parcels too.

    I have seen a Flat Stanley before becasue Mrs Lynch sent me one and I wrote things about what we did together while in Australia.

    From your pal,

    • Dear BB,
      It is getting fun around here with the Flat Stanleys! I think they are going to have some fun adventures this weekend around the Seattle area!
      I did buy some Vegemite and tried it yesterday morning on some toast. I think perhaps that Vegemite is an acquired taste and I haven’t quite acquired the taste yet. I know that Vegemite is very popular with many Australians, but I think I will stick with my peanut butter on my toast!
      The weather is finally starting to get nice here and the sun is shining for the 3rd day in a row! We get VERY excited about seeing the sun since it rains so much here.
      I hope you have a fun weekend! I am going to enjoy the sun and warmer weather as much as I can!
      Wearing flipsflops in Seattle,
      Mrs. Hembree

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Wow how lucky for you all to have all those Flat Stanleys come to visit you!

    Boy I wish I could travel like Flat Stanley does by just fitting into an envelope and post me off.When Flat Stanely came to visit BB we took him to the Melbourne Market place and on a farm as well as a motor bike ride.

    Yes Vegemite is an acquried taste mind you most Aussie’s eat vegemite before they can walk. 🙂
    So glad the weather is on the up as a matter of fact it can only get better from now on.

    Great post and just love the photo of Reese with all the Flat Stanleys around him.

    From your blogging friend,

  4. Daer Mrs Hebree,
    Thanks you so much for giving the boys a vegemite sandwich and making them feel right at home! I agree Vegemite is an aquired taste. It is found in most Australia kitchens and is eaten on toast or fresh bread. I really love it on the crust of a fresh loaf of bread. Sometimes we use it in stews to colour and flavour the stew. It contains lots of salt so is probably not the healthiest food.
    I love the photos you have included in your post. Flat Stanleys with Reece and all over your car. What fun!
    Thanks for looking after them.
    Mrs Howlin

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