Matt Holm Visits on Wednesday


The Bulldog Readers will host the author Matthew Holm on Wednesday for two presentations for the 3rd-6th grade students. Matthew and his sister Jennifer co-author the wildly popular and PINK graphic novel series Babymouse.


Babymouse is a very funny mouse who seems to have loads of trouble as she makes her way through elementary school. The Babymouse series has won many awards including the Gryphon Award in 2006 and the ALA Notable Children’s Book Award.


However, the best award a children’s book can earn is a vote from KIDS! Babymouse is the winner of multiple Children’s Choice Awards and is nominated again for the 2011 award. Babymouse # 12: Burns Rubber is one of the choices for the 3rd-4th grade book of the year. Only children can vote for this award at the following website: until April 29, 2011.

Babymouse has her own Facebook Fan page I Heart Babymouse!  at She even has her own song! The song, “This Is Babymouse!” was written and produced by Brooklyn-based drummer and composer Marty Beller, with lyrics by Matt Holm and vocals sung by Matt and Jenni. 


We have been preparing for Matt’s visit by reading some of the Babymouse books together and in small groups. We have learned some important Babymouse facts.

  • Babymouse seems to get herself in lots of trouble
  • Felicia Furrypaws loves to torment Babymouse
  • Babymouse loves to daydream
  • Babymouse has a very cranky locker
  • Her best friend is Wilson, a weasel 
  • Babymouse books have a different levels of humor
  • Mrs. Hembree laughs at different parts than the kids

We are looking forward to Matt’s presentation on Wednesday and learning more about this really fun series. Matt’s books are for sale and he will be signing purchased books on Wednesday! See Mrs. Hembree for details.

Until Wednesday, here is a short video with information directly from Jennifer and Matt about their book series, Babymouse! Click on the link to view!


Which one of the Babymouse books is your favorite?

Have you ever met Matt or Jenni Holm?

Tell us about it!




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9 thoughts on “Matt Holm Visits on Wednesday

  1. Dear Bull Dog readers,
    I didn’t read the Babymouse series, but they sound cool. I hope to read them someday!
    Alyssa, from Ms. Atkins’ class

    • Dear Alyssa,
      I hope that you have a chance to read one or two sometime. Perhaps they are in your school library. They are very funny books, not just for kids, but funny for adults too! There are many parts in each one of the books that make me laugh.
      Thanks for visiting our blog! Do you have a favorite book you could recommend to us?
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Bulldog Readers,

    Great post! I love the Babymouse books they are fantastic. A author came to our school just yesterday his name was Brian Lies. He wrote Bats at the Ballpark, Bats at the Beach and last but not least of the bat books he wrote Bats at the Library. They are all very good books my favorite is Bats at the Beach. I bet you have them in your library. I almost read all of the Babymouse books. Keep up the good work! Happy Blogging!

    Best Wishes,
    Taylor 😀 in Mr. Salsich’s class

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree,
    Awesome post.

    I went to the Geelong library and guess what I saw a BabyMouse book and it was called BabyMouse heartbreaker.

    I read it all yesterday.

    I think it is an awesome book I want to read more of them.

    Have you read BabyMouse Heartbreaker?

    From your pal,

    PS Happy birthday to your wonderful husband. 🙂

    • Hi BB,
      Wow, you found a Babymouse book there too! I think that is great! I haven’t read Heartbreaker yet because it’s always checked out. My favorite is Puppy Love so far because I love dogs and there is a lot of dog book and dog TV show humor in it. I don’t know if it will be as funny to you if you aren’t familiar with some of the books or American TV shows from a long time ago. Our kids don’t always laugh at the same jokes as I do – I think that’s because I am a couple years older than them! 🙂
      I need some help from you. We received a lovely postcard from a school. They used some words we don’t really know. What is a cobber? Is that a friend or buddy? What are snags on the barbie? I know barbie is a barbeque, but I don’t know what snags are. Help!
      I will tell my wonderful husband happy birthday for you! He like like knowing it’s his birthday already where you are! Here….he has to wait one more day!
      Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear BB,
      Thank you for letting me know about the meaning of these words. As soon as I read your response, I realized that I had heard of snags before, I just couldn’t remember where!
      I hope you enjoy reading the Babymouse books! The authors have a new series coming out soon too. Babymouse, Mad Scientist comes out in May and introduces a new character named Squish! Squish will have his own series! We are looking forward to reading them!
      Your Blogging Cobber!
      Mrs. Hembree

  4. Dear Bulldog Readers,
    My favorite Baby Mouse book is about baby mouse getting to be a queen.I love the baby mouse books.
    GREAT JOB! Keep it up.


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