Postcards from 3 Continents


While we were on Spring Break last week, our mailbox filled up with more postcards from our blogging buddies around the world!


One second/third grade class divided into groups to read each card and find out a little more about these places. They had to find three facts using three different resources.

1. a book about the country

2. the postcard itself

3. the computer and online resources


We found out a lot of facts. 

First we learned that we received 7 postcards from 3 different continents!

North America, Europe and Australia


Alex the Bulldog likes looking at the postcards too!

Here are some of the facts we we learned about Australia.

The Big Banana is a tourist attraction in Coffs Harbour. They grow bananas near there.

Squash is a sport and not a vegetable in Australia!

Australians call a television a “telly” and a barbeque a “barbie”!

Koala bears live in Australia.

Stuarts Point is on the north coast of New South Wales. The beaches look beautiful!


We also learned about two more countries in two other continents!

Scotland is one of the countries in the United Kingdom, which is part of Europe.

Arbroath is famous for the Arbroath Abbey which was built in 1178.

Wow! That’s 833 years old!

New Brunswick and Quebec are provinces in eastern Canada in North America.

It snows a lot in Quebec and many people speak French and English there.

A lot of different animals live in Canada.

Forests cover about 80% of New Brunswick.

Moose live  there.

Moose are very, very large! They can weigh 475 kilograms, which is 1047 pounds!

Don’t mess with a moose!

We thank  our postcard buddies for sending us postcards from all of these beautiful places around the world.

Have you ever been to any of these places?

Are your one of our postcard buddies?

Tell us about it!

What is the weather like there? Is it sunny and warm? We are VERY tired of the rain!


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13 thoughts on “Postcards from 3 Continents

  1. Usually the weather in Australia is hot and sunny and sometimes it rains. It doesn’t snow in Coffs Harbour. It only snows in the Snowy Mountains which are near Canberra, Australia’s capital city.
    In the middle of Australia it rains very rarely because it is a very large desert.
    It is autumn now in Australia. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler.
    Brock and Jake in Coffs Harbour, Australia

  2. In Australia we use the word squash for many different things. For example, there is a sport called squash which involves a racket, a rubber ball and protective eye wear.
    Another type of squash is a vegetable that we eat and there is also a squash drink.
    What kinds of squash do you have in Seattle?
    Michael (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

  3. Today we received your postcard. Thank you. It was interesting to read about your markets.
    It was exciting to see our Big Banana Postcard on your blog.
    Here is some information about Koalas.
    You are right. Koalas do live in Australia. However they are marsupials, not bears. They are born live into a pouch and drink milk from their mother. They are about the size of a jelly bean when they are born. Koalas do not drink water, although they can swim. They get their water by eating leaves from the gum tree.

    The koala is Australia’s favourite animal.
    We do not have bears in Australia. Do you have bears in America?
    Lorissa and Jarrod (Coffs Harbour, Australia)

  4. Hi
    Thanks alot for the peanut butter and the letters. We can’t wait to eat the peanut butter because it looks really good. We have read all your letters and were very interested about Rafikas letter. She said she could speak three different languages but what languages?
    Burravoe Primary School

  5. Thankyou for the bookmarks, peanut butter and the socer teddy. I can’t wait to try it! Do you like peanut butter? I do not like butter but I do like peanuts. The blue socer bare lookes very sporty. Do you have a bear at your school?
    Burravoe Primary School

  6. Thank you for the brilliant parcel you sent. The bookmarks are clever and the flag is really cool. I have never seen dollars and cents because over here we use pounds and pennies. I have heard of peanut butter but never tried it before, but I can’t wait to try it. The soccer bear is so cool, I support Shetland FC and what team do you support?

    Brydon, Burravoe Primary School

  7. Hi Bulldog Readers,
    Thank you for the blue soccer bear. Is it a he or a she?
    I also would like to thank you for the flags. I like all the stars and the stripes on the flag.
    Thank you for the pencils and the bookmarks I like them both because they’re both my favourite colours.
    Also I like to thank you for the puppy book the dog on the front looks like my dog.

    From Charlotte
    Burravoe Primary School

  8. Thank you for the box of goodies I have never tredi peanut butter I cant wait to try it and the soccer teddy is really nice because I like soccer I support Celtic, what teams do you support?:).In Scotlande we call it football instead of soccer. I think the pencils with the name of the class room is very clever, thank you for sending us one each.
    from James

  9. Thank you for the peanut butter and the pencils and all the other things. I am looking forward to reading the book about the dog.
    Kerry age 6 p2
    Burravoe Primary School

  10. Thank you of the soccer bear. I Like the pencils. I like the flag. I enjoy dollars book. I like the bookmark.
    Melissa P3 age8
    Burravoe Primary School

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