Our Bulldog Vote for WCCPB


The Washington Children’s Choice Picture Book award is voted annually by the children in grades K-3. Their votes are submitted by their teacher/librarian to the Washington Library Media Association. Then all the votes are counted and the winning book is revealed each spring.

The official state vote has not been released yet. 

 Here were the choices for this year.



So, which book did the Bulldog Readers choose as their favorite?




Which one of these books is your favorite?


Do you think the state vote will be the same as our vote?


Are any of these on other state award lists?


If you are a world visitor, are any of these books available in your country?


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6 thoughts on “Our Bulldog Vote for WCCPB

  1. Dear friends,

    I’ve read a review on the book “Nubs….” and think it is worth awarding!
    We have the similar book ” White Bim The Black Ear”. This is a touching story about a hunting dog, faithfully devoted to his master, an elderly writer.
    Lyudmila, Russia

    • Dear Lyudmila,
      Yes, Nubs is a wonderful story of the friendship between a man and a dog! It made my cry the first time I read it! Thank you for your suggestion! It sounds like a wonderful book.
      If your students like these kind of stories, they might like the stories of Tarra and Bella by Carol Buckley or Owen and Mzee by Isabella Hatkoff. If don’t know if they are available in Russian, but they are great stories of the friendship between animals who shouldn’t really be friends! Tarra is an elephant who becomes close friends with a dog. Owen is a hippopotamus who was separated from his family after the tsunami in Asia. He becomes friends with a tortoise named Mzee!
      My very favorite is the story of The Two Bobbies by the same authors as Nubs. It’s the story about a cat and dog who bond after the Katrina hurricane in Louisiana, USA.
      Happy Reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. I don’t recognise that any of those titles have been published in the UK. I know that you shouldn’t choose a book by its cover but I love the picture on the front of Duck! Rabbit! I wonder if your choice will be the winner!

    Ms Breyley, Burravoe School, Shetland

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Thank you for this wonderful post.
    I have not come across any of the above books. However in saying that BB has got holidays in one weeks time and we plan to visit the local library to see if we can seek any of the books above your post.

    I really would love to read Nubs for BB and I just love dogs. We have got a dog and his name is Hack. He is an Australian red heeler. Every morning he goes for a walk and runs around with other dogs around our local footy oval. Sometimes I really do feel he is taking us for a walk not us talking him for a walk. 🙂

    Great post Mrs Hembree.
    From your blogging pal,

  4. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    I loved that book!It was sad at the but it was also happy.I also liked it because I love dogs!Nubs is a great book so I hope everybody liked it!My favorite part was when Nubs followed his owner.But it was also a scary part too.Because I thought he was going to get last.

    P.S ask Mis.Valenta if she can be my blogging buddy.

  5. Hi Mrs Hembree

    Being a dog owner myself, the story of Nubs really appealed to me. I did an internet search and on YouTube I watched a book trailer for Nubs and then I found an interview on the Today show with Nubs’ owner (and had to get my tissues out!) What an amazing and touching story! I was most upset to hear that Nubs’ ears had been deliberately cut off! How lucky Nubs and his owner were to meet! I’m going to try and order it online for our LRC.

    We have Splat the Cat books in our LRC and they are VERY popular! We also have a copy of The Curious Garden.

    I will stay tuned to your blog to see if Nubs wins the state vote…my fingers are crossed!

    Miss Y 🙂

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