March Student Book Reviews

Our 6th graders are at it again! Check out their reviews of some great books! Go to our new page on the LEFT SIDEBAR and click on Student Book Reviews to read our latest reviews. Look for student book reviews on that page from now on!

March Student Book Reviews on PhotoPeach

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6 thoughts on “March Student Book Reviews

  1. Dear Caden,
    Great review. Perfect details. This book sounds very exciting and interesting. I feel like picking up this book and digging into it. It makes me feel like I wouldn’t want to set it down.
    Kalvin, DJ and Jaden

  2. Hello I just want to say that if anyone wants to check out book reviews, check out mine. Go and see a book review about the Red Pyramid.

  3. To Heather,

    We liked they way you said that his summer would be good if it went as planned. We liked the way you persuaded us at the end of your book review.

    Paul, Ben

  4. Dear Chloe,
    I love Darren Shan’s books and now he finally has a book that kinda relates to his Cirque Du Freak series!! Nice review!!

    ~Sincerely Tracy

  5. I’m just blogging to say thanks to Mrs. Hembree for suggesting I got Shakespeare’s Secret for my class. It’s a mystery set in modern times but with lot’s of interesting details about the Tudor period, which is my class topic this term.
    I finished reading it this morning, before breakfast, and it’ll be a great book for some of my more confident readers.
    Thank you for pointing me towards this book.
    Mr. Sumner

    • Dear Mr. Sumner,
      I am so glad you enjoying reading Shakespeare’s Secret. It has a great story line. The entire question of whether Shakespeare really wrote his plays is sure to give you many opportunities for student discussion and research!
      I also think it’s great that teacher around the world can connect and bring our classrooms closer together.
      Happy Reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

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