Did You Say Talking Chipmunks?

Enter  into the world of talking animals with Thelonious Chipmunk!  All the animals wonder….did humans really exist or are they just some kind of ancient legend?

Everyone tells Thelonious that humans aren’t real, but he believes he has proof they really did exist.  Join Thelonious on his adventure from the City of Ruins to Fog Mound to find out where the humans really went.

 The Fog Mound series by Susan Schade and Jon Buller are part graphic novel,  regular novel,  adventure,  fantasy  and science fiction!

Josa donated these books to our library and hopes you will join him on a Theolious Chipmunk adventure.  He says these books are good because “they are the type of book with writing and comics. They tell a good story about a chipmunk on an adventure. It’s just so cool to imagine that a chipmunk could go on this kind of adventure!”  You have to read them to find out more! Find them in our graphic novel section of the library!


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9 thoughts on “Did You Say Talking Chipmunks?

  1. @Josa,

    How wonderful that you donated those books to your library! I wish more students would donate. Our libraries would be filled with so many more wonderful books than they already have!

    @Mrs. Hembree,

    Thanks for the comment on our blog. I really appreciate it! I added your blog to our blogroll. I’ll share your blog with my students tomorrow. 🙂 We like to explore other blogs from all over the world to compare and contrast. Keep up the great work!

    Mr. Avery
    Plympton, Massachusetts
    Mr. Avery’s Class Blog

  2. Dear Josa,

    How wonderful of you to donate those wonderful reading books to your library.
    My daughter and I will see if we can borrow these books here in Australia at our local library. Hopefully we can, from your review they sound like great books to read.
    I do like the concept of writing and comic together in a book.

    From your new blogging buddy,

  3. Dear Josa,
    Great job on your book report! I think it is really nice of you to donate books to our library. Can’t wait to read the book!


  4. Dear Mrs. hembree,
    I liked the book called Snowball because of the name of the book.
    Did anyone else read this book?
    From Dayna.

    • Dear Dayna,
      The puppy Snowball is very cute on the cover of this book. Yes, this one is popular and gets checked out a lot. The Puppy Place series is very popular with children you love dogs!
      Have you read any of these books? Do you have a favorite dog book?
      Mrs. Hembree

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