Leadership Class is Helping Everyone

How did we ever live at our school without our Leadership Class? Every Friday afternoon the 6th graders meet for Leadership Class. Their purpose is to learn how to work together to better themselves and our school. Mrs. Higgins and Ms. Breier are their leadership mentors and are guiding them through this process. What I love about the leadership class is that they are helping our school. They clean the grounds, they pick up all the recycling, they take care of computers-in short they do any project that is asked of them. Each student picks a project that best suits him or her and they do their work with pride.

  I have been very fortunate lately to be able to work with part of the leadership class. Their purpose is to create a movie about our school for new parents and students, whose primary language is not English. This movie has been  the dream of Mrs. Woodruff, our ELL instructor, for a long time. Finally this year we are working to make our dream come true! The movie will be narrated in  different languages and will be available for parents to view when they enroll their students at school. It covers the basics about the school such as who the principal is, the office staff, specialist teachers, recess rules and play areas, lunch, popcorn Wednesdays, school arrival/pickup  and so on.

Our movie team volunteered to be part of this project. They have taken the pictures, loaded them into our movie program, and are now doing the translation work. Everything has been written first in English, and now teams of experts are working on translating into their native languages. I walked around the library yesterday afternoon in amazement as kids we conversing in Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Ukranian, Russian, Tagalog, and French. It was like being in a mini United Nations meeting! These kids are experts in their languages and it is so incredible that the Leadership Class gives them a way to bring out their strengths and do something very worthwhile for our school!

I can’t wait to see the final movies! It’s going to be great! To EVERYONE involved in the ELL Movie Project – Way to Go! You are doing awesome work!

Mrs. Hembree

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2 thoughts on “Leadership Class is Helping Everyone

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    What a wonderful concept I really like how you are all working together as one.
    I love the idea also of making a movie in different languages so other people from different countries can adjust and know what your school is all about.
    I feel this is a win, win all round.

    What I also love is the amout of different children from different countries which attend your school.
    When I was at school I had a lot of different friends from all parts of the globe which attend my school.
    I used to love to hear them talk about what life was like back home.

    Keep up your awesome job on your blog as I love checking it out.

    From your new blogging buddy down under,

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