PebbleGo and Penguins

Our primary students are learning about penguins on the PebbleGo database.PebbleGoWebImage On PebbleGo, students can read or listen and read about facts on lots of different animals, and earth and space.  Here are some facts they researched:

There are about 2 million King penguins in the world. The King penguin is the second largest penguin in the world.

Juan, Leon, and Chase

Emperor penguins stand nearly 4 feet (1.2 meters) tall.

Elisa, Tina and Emily

African penguins have short legs. They stand 1 to 2 feet tall.

Adelie penguins are birds. They are about 28 inches or 71 centimeters tall.

Matteo, Syon, and Taylor

In the summer, penguins dive and fish in the water.

Alex, David, Anthony and Josa

Emperor penguins can stay underwater for 20 minutes!

Ola, Angela and Dakota

Emperor penguins eat fish, squid and krill. The male emperor penguins balance the egg on their feet.

Melody and Kaylee

Polar animals live near the north pole or south pole. These areas are very cold and windy. Polar animals live with snow and ice all around.

Isabella, and Jake

Emperor penguins live in Antartica.


African penguins stand 1-2 feet tall.

Brandt and Terrion

Emperor penguins ar the world’s largest penguins. They can’t fly.

Taylor and Daphanie and Hunter

Adelie penguins are 28 inches tall and eat krill. They steal rocks from other penguins for their nests!

Natalie and Grace

King penguins have orange feathers on their chest and ears. They live on cold islands around Antarctica.

Ian and Kobe

The King penguin in the second largest penguin in the world.


There are about 2 million penguins in the world.


Penguins feed their chicks by throwing up food into the chicks’ mouth.

Sabrina, Haley & Katelyn

King penguins live on cold land.

Bella, Jordan and Max

African penguins are birds with short legs.

Mark & Kazuma

Adelie penguins eat snow instead of drinking water.

Peyton & Lupita

Emperor penguins can stay under water for 20 minutes.



Now we would like to hear your comments!


What do you know about penguins?

Do you have a favorite penguin book?

Have you ever seen a real penguin, either in a zoo or in the wild?


We look forward to reading comments from our blogging friends around the world!

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11 thoughts on “PebbleGo and Penguins

  1. I love penguins! So much so, that at the San Diego Zoo in California I stayed in the penguin exhibit much longer than the rest of my family. Then after that, I had to go to the gift shop and buy a penguin stuffed animal. I still have it and was very proud to carry it on the airplane home!
    Mrs. Hembree

  2. What a great post about penguins.
    I really enjoyed reading your facts about the Emperor penguin.
    The Emperor penguin is my favourite out of all the penguin.

    They are just amazing, did you know that the Emperor penguin uses oil from the base of its tail to preen its feathers.

    The female lays just one egg a year. The male protects the egg by holding the egg on its feet, keeping the egg warm.

    I have only seen penguins when I have visited the Melbourne zoo.

    I have not got a favourite penguin book but I do have a favourite movie and it is called Happy Feet.
    Have you seen this movie?

    Really enjoy looking at your blog, will have to revisit soon.

    Yours sincerely.

  3. Dear AA,
    Thank you for your kind comment! Yes, I have seen Happy Feet and I agree that it’s a fun movie to watch! I am amazed that the Emperor penguins lay their eggs in the winter when it’s so horribly cold and windy outside. Did you know the male penguin doesn’t eat the entire time he is holding the egg on his feet?
    My favorite non-fiction penguin book is Penguins by Gail Gibbons. She combines interesting facts with wonderful illustrations.
    Next week we will be learning about alligators after reading The Three Little Gators by Helen Ketteman. It’s the 3 little pigs story, but told through the eyes of alligators. Are there alligators in Australia I wonder? There aren’t any in Washington state because it’s way too cold here in the winter.
    Keep Reading, Mrs. Hembree

  4. I love penguins! Their babies are so cute! I have seen an African penguin. I love baby penguins. I wish I had a baby penguin pet. I also like the book about Turtle’s Penguin dDay.
    From, Lizeth

  5. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    I love your penguin post.
    We have got penguins at Phillip Island and you can watch them. They are called Fairy penguins because they are the smallest of all penguins. I have never seen penguins.

    All penguins are very good divers and swimmers. Penguins hunt for fish and other sea animals. Did you know Mrs Hembree penguins don’t hunt for sea animals that are bigger than them.

    Hope you like my facts.

    From your friend Bianca.

  6. @ Mrs Hembree,

    Thankyou for the extra information.

    Yes these Emperor penguins are just amazing.
    I did read some where that they mate with one partner.

    I will make a point to visit our local library and see if I can borrow the non fiction books which you mentioned. I am pretty Bianca and I would love to read them together. They sound like fun books to read.

    From your new blogging buddy,

  7. @ Mrs Hembree,

    Thankyou for your question.
    No I have not got my own blog as I just love visiting everyone elses blogs. Also I just love to encourage Bianca with her blog.

    However I sometimes do wish I had my own blog. Its amazing the wonderful friendships which develop and hopefully will last a life time.

    From your new blogging friend down under,

  8. What great facts I have just learned about penguins!! Although throwing up food in their kids mouth is a little gross!! I guess moms and dads will do anything for their babies! Great job guys.
    From, DD

  9. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    Thanks for putting our facts in! I really appreciate of what you did. I know this comment is like. . . YOUR 10th COMMENT!But i still appreciate of what you did.Thanks once again!
    From, Taylor

  10. Dear Elisa,
    Yes, I have read a lot of these penguins books! I love to look at the pictures of all the different kinds of penguins. My favorite penguin story books are the Tacky books. Tacky is such a crazy penguin that he will make you laugh out loud!
    From, Mrs. Hembree

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