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Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica

In this book the main character is Nate. The boy is eleven years old and he is the Valley’s quarterback. The coach of his team puts him in as a quarterback because of his big and strong arm. Everybody calls this football fan “Brady”, after the New England Patriots quarterback because he can throw long like him and the young player is Brady’s biggest fan.

The main problem is that Nate wants to meet Tom Brady. One day, he went to the shop, “Sportstuff” and he saw a big poster saying “During the Thanksgiving game, at half time, there will be a contest to see who can throw the longest. The winner will receive a big check for million dollars.” The boy signs up immediately for the contest. Will he win the contest? You must read this to find out.

What an awesome book!!!!! I recognize myself in this book, and it makes me happy. Nate loves football and I love soccer. Nate is eleven years old and I am too. I will recommend this book to students who love sports.

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2 thoughts on “Student Review by Baptiste

  1. Hi Baptiste,

    I think your book report rocks! I can’t throw a football very far at all. Do you think reading this book will help me?


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