The Graveyard Book Student Review by Will


I like this book because it’s funny and adventurous. Bod (the main character) doesn’t know what it’s like living with people.  He tries to help the people (which are really ghosts) that live in the grave yard.  Sometimes he does well, sometimes he doesn’t. He gets curious about things like the history of the graveyard. The setting is in a graveyard. He’s being taken care of by ghosts in the graveyard. He has also been given the freedom of the graveyard which means that he can see in the dark and he can go places where other people can’t.  I also like this book because it has mixed emotions to it, humor and sadness.

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2 thoughts on “The Graveyard Book Student Review by Will

  1. Hi Will,

    Thanks for posting your review of The Graveyard Book. It sounds like a good read and just in time for Halloween! I look forward to reading it. Thanks for sharing your review and Keep Reading!

    Mr. McKillip,
    Int. School of Tanganyika

  2. Dear Will,

    Your book review is great! I wonder
    How a kid feels when it’s living with
    Ghosts?! Because that would be too
    Freaky for me! But,It would be cool
    To have “ghost powers”.
    From, Lisa

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