Student Book Review by Baptiste: Foot by Patrick Bruno

      (This story was written in French) This story is talking about a soccer team named Miraval. The team is getting invited to make a movie. First, I said “why are they going to make a movie if the title of the book is Soccer.” The money they make from the movie would help them go to China for a big tournament. But one of the main problems is that when they are making the movie they have another Championship going on and school is going on too. Another problem is that one of the characters in the movie got hurt in a really bad accident and he has to stay in the hospital. So will they stop the movie and not go to China or will they continue the movie and go to China…

       This story makes me feel happy because it’s what I do in life. I play on a soccer team. We don’t make a movie but we play in Championship games like they do. I hope that you like this book as much as I did. Remember this book is in French!!

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2 thoughts on “Student Book Review by Baptiste: Foot by Patrick Bruno

  1. Dear Baptiste,

    I think it’s so impressive that you can read in both French and English. You’re awesome.

    The book sounds very interesting and I’d like to know how it ends! But you may need to help me with the French. 🙂

    Best regards,
    Wendy [

  2. Dear Baptiste,

    Excellent book review! I wonder if this is real.
    I hope they get a good future. I like how you
    ended this book by a “remember” thing. I
    Wonder if this book is in English too!

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