Love Your Library Month


Who says February in Seattle is cold, rainy, and dreary. Not in our library!

We are celebrating Love Your Library Month with a little fun!

love library

Go on a Blind Date with a Book – Everyday I put out 5-8 Blind Date books for students to check out. Each book is wrapped and has hints on the outside. Inside, there is a rating sheet where students can read the book and then rate their reading date. They make comments on the cover and how they liked or didn’t like the book. Return rating sheets are eligible for a daily prize.

Candy Guessing Jar – How many candies are in the jar? Combine the library and math and you get a fun guessing contest. Each day I pull a random guess slip from the container and that student wins one of the daily prizes. The Big Prize goes to the student who has the closest guess, without going over. The prize winner will be announced on March 2nd, Dr. Seuss’ birthday!

Why I love My Library – We also have a comment sheet where students can share why they love our library. Again, students who participate may win one of the daily prizes.

Love Your Library Bookmarks – We partnered with Mrs. Camp, the librarian at Benfer Elementary School in Klein, Texas for this activity. Her second grade classes made our students bookmarks and we did the same. Now they are in the mail and traveling to their new homes. This is the second time we have partnered with Mrs. Camp’s classes. Last year we shared poems during Poetry Month. Check out the acrostic poems on their blog.

bell bookmarks

Lollygrams – The Books to Africa club is also selling lollygrams next week. All proceeds will go to purchase postage to send books to our partner schools in Africa.

sample lollygram

If you are looking for ideas you can use in your library check out the dozens of ideas on Pinterest. Nearly every student who has come to the library to participate in one of our contests has also left with a book! It’s a win-win Reading Month!


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3 thoughts on “Love Your Library Month

  1. Hi Mrs Hembree,

    I couldn’t believe when I opened my email this morning and clicked on the link to your blog that you are doing Love Your Library Month too!

    I am about to begin activities in our LRC this week and will do a post soon. Some of our classes are going to write a Valentine to their favourite book characters and we do Blind Dates with books but a little differently.

    It’s great to have a month celebrating our wonderful libraries whether we are in Australia or America…

    Happy Library Lover’s Month!

    Miss Y 🙂

    • Dear Miss Y,
      Isn’t that funny? Distance doesn’t matter in the library! How do you do your Blind date with a book? I’m curious. The method I’m using is pretty time intensive because it’s popular. Never thought it would be such a hit.
      I’ll watch for your post!
      Happy Reading!

  2. I received your bookmarks today, and will be sharing them and your note with our second graders very soon! What a fun way to renew our library friendship and to celebrate reading!

    Watch for a blog post soon, after our Bobcats receive their Bulldog bookmarks!
    Mrs. Camp

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