Scenes from Washington

Have you ever been to Washington, DC?

Mr. Hembree and I traveled to “DC” recently. It was a whirlwind trip leaving Thursday evening and returning Sunday evening. We went to attend the Bammy Awards. My last blog post explains more about why we went.

We flew all night and as soon as we could on Friday, we started sightseeing. Our nation’s capital is filled with museums and memorials. In two days you can’t possibly see it all, but we did our best to see the sights on our Must-See List. We saw the original Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We walked from one end of the National Mall to the other.

The National Book Festival was happening during the weekend too, so I was even more excited about being there. We saw Katherine Applegate, Kirby Larson and Jon Klassen. I wanted an autography for our library copy of That is Not My Hat, but gave up because the line was too long.

The Bammy Awards on Saturday evening was pretty spectacular. We dressed up in our fancy clothes, traveled in limos to the ceremony and even got to walk a red carpet. The best part of the evening was having time to talk with other teachers and librarians from around the country. I also had time to meet Mallory, who was the 1st student Bammy Award winner for her Ugandan service project. Mallory is a fabulous example of a student who saw a problem and thought of a way she could help. Her work matters.

Here is a movie of the highlights of our trip. I hope you enjoy it!




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