Bookfair Starts October 1st!

 Our Annual Scholastic Bookfair opens , Monday, October 1st

It runs through Thursday, October 4th.

 Our hours of operation are

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

noon -5pm.

On Wednesday we will be open for students to shop noon-1pm.

Parents and adult family members are welcomed to come on

Wednesday from 9-10am for Books and Breakfast!

We will not be open on Wednesday, October 3rd in the afternoon.

Our bookfair coincides with the Teacher-Parent-Student-led conferences. We moved the bookfair  to the same time as conferences so families who are already on campus for their children’s conferences, could easily come to the fair! It’s a win-win for everyone!

Special for adult family members is our Wednesday morning adults only shopping! Join me in the library from 9-10am on October 3rd for a morning shop-a-thon. Drop the kids off in school and walk over to the library for a chance to shop without interruptions! Here’s your opportunity to get ahead on your holiday shopping without the younger ones knowing!

When you purchase books at our bookfair you are directly benefiting our library. A percentage of the proceeds from every book purchase goes directly to the library. We use this money to purchase more new books for our library.

Many people think that the school district gives the library a book budget, but unfortunately, that is not true. The school district does not contribute any money for library book purchases. We get a small amount from our building budget. However, the majority of our books are purchased after earning money from fundraisers such as the Scholastic Bookfair. Every penny helps buy us new books!

There are lots of fun books at the fair! Looking for pre-school books for the younger children? We have them! Have teens who need a book! We have great selection for them too! Plus, after six long years, Captain Underpants is back!

 These action-packed, zany and crazy books have been a hit with readers since 1997 when Dav Pilkey introduced the series. What I like about Dav Pilkey is that he is funny and relates to his readers. As he writes on his website, he wasn’t the best student in school but he was creative.

Paying is easy at the bookfair. Cash, checks, debit and major credit cards are accepted! Scholastic provides us with a professional cash machine and debit/credit card machine so we make shopping easy and pain free!

Again this year is the addition of the ONLINE BOOKFAIR!

Families who can’t attend the bookfair or have extended family members who might live out of town can also support our fair. Simply visit the Scholastic Online Bookfair link, create an account and find those books! The website includes an expanded booklist from preschool through adult.

Books purchased online will be sent to school, free of charge and given to your child personally by Mrs. Hembree.

I hope you will plan to attend this year’s Bookfair this week, where Every Reader is a Star!

Mrs. Hembree, Librarian

Rockin’ with Pete the Cat

Are you rocking in your school shoes?

Are you singing in your school shoes?

Are you dancing in your school shoes?

In kindergarten and first grade WE ARE and it’s lots of fun!

Eric Litwin is the author of the Pete the Cat books. He and artist James Dean have created Pete, a blue, happy, “you can’t get me down” cat. He knows how to learn! He knows how to have fun! And…he knows how to sing! We watched a live reading of Pete the Cat and got our groove on!


We also did some fun Pete the Cat activities while learning about colors, guided drawing and counting.

We watched and listened to Miss Shy do her re-telling of Pete in this fun video!


Pete has a new book that just came out on September 25th! I can’t wait to read it! To learn more about Pete’s books visit his website.


This summer, my husband and I took Pete the Cat on our trip to Oregon and California. He helped me read maps along the way because in many places there was no internet or cell phone service! We got to read maps the old-fashioned way!

Here is a little video of our trip with Pete. Enjoy!


What stuffed animal would you take on a trip with you?

Have you ever used a state or country map to guide you?

What should Pete do next?

Catherine Follestad Visits

Last week our kindergarten, first and second graders were treated to a special visit from children’s author Catherine Follestad. Catherine lives in Arizona, but was in the Seattle area for a visit. Mrs. Banchero knows Catherine and arranged for her to visit our school!


Catherine talked to us about her books. The Itty Bitty Kitty is a story about a kitty that yearns to make friends with other cats who think she is too small. Author and illustrator Catherine Follestad uses her talents to show how Itty Bitty learns a valuable lesson about friendship in her quest to make friends.

I Think I Would Like to Be  invites young boys and girls to imagine what they could be. Would you like to be a pirate on the deep blue sea or a race car driver at the Grand Prix? This story is an that will have you flying planes, hitting home runs, and even training lions! This is a book for every child who’s ever thought…I Think That I Would Like To Be…

We enjoyed listening to Catherine read her books to us and many purchased autographed copies! Our library also has both books now, for anyone who would like to check them out. She shared that she has more books in process and her book trailer for The Itty Bitty Kitty will soon air on some children’s television channels. You can learn more about Catherine and her books on her website:



How have you made new friends?

What would you like to be in the future?


Everyone’s A Winner!

Reading in a cave!

Reading while horseback riding!

Reading with a dog!

Reading in a dentist chair!

These are just some of the inventive ways our students chose to read for our 2nd annual summer reading contest!


Ellie with Mt. Rainier in the background



Every contest needs a winner and judges! Our Australian blogging buddies AA, BB and BB’s cousin Kayla were our judges again this year! Woo-hoo! A big round of claps to these three people who spent a lot of time helping me decide categories and winners.


AA and BB in Australia. Not pictured, BB’s cousin.


They also said it’s hard to pick just one winner.

So….I decided everyone who participated won in a specific category. When you read, you are a winner for life!

Here is a movie with all our winners!

List of winners by category

Blogging Buddies

BB in Australia

Miriam with her Mom (Mrs. Yollis’ former student)

Miriam with friends (Mrs. Yollis’ former student)

Mrs. Krebs in Iowa

Dangerous Reading





Famous Landmarks






Quincy, Ramsey & Peyton




Just Chillin’






 Thank you everyone who sent in photos or made a comment during the summer!

I hope you had fun reading!


Have you ever been to any of the places featured in our movie?

What’s the craziest place you have read?

What is your reading goal for this year?

Leave us a comment and let us know!




Choose 2 Matter Theme


Welcome to the 2012-2013 school year!

I am so excited to begin our new year of reading and learning!

The theme for our year in the library is

You all matter in our world.

 How will you choose to matter this year?

 What awesome choices will you make?

Will you try to reach a reading goal?

Will you do your best to learn?

Will you collaborate with students in your class?

Will you solve an important problem?

Will you create something you care about?

Will you believe you are creative?

Will you imagine how you can make the world a better place?

Will you share your ideas with others?

I hope you will see this school year as a year that you can make your mark on the world. We will research thoughtfully,  read awesome books, create more video projects and collaborate with our blogging buddies.

We will also participate in International Dot Day!

 It’s going to be a fantastic year!

The idea for our Choose 2 Matter theme comes from Angela Maiers-


What activities could we do in the library to make a difference in the world?

How can we help others?

Can you think of great books that have this theme?




First Day of School

Welcome back to school!

I hope you had a wonderful summer of fun and


Here are the latest summer reading contest photos. Also, Friday, September 7th is the last day to submit your photos.

Starting this weekend, I will be working with our judges AA and BB in Australia to determine our winners. There will be 4-5 prizes for the most unusual photographs. The announcement will come out next week, so check back often on our blog!






Ending Summer with Books!


It’s Labor Day and this is the last group of summer reading contest photo entries!


School starts on Wednesday!


I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer of reading!









What was your favorite book this summer?

What are you looking forward to reading?