Super Summer Reading

Mackenzie and Jake recently traveled to Philadelphia, PA where they visited the famous Liberty Bell. Do you know why this bell is such an important part of American history?

You don’t have to be far from home to enjoy reading! Here is Emily at a horse riding camp this summer! I wonder if she is reading a horse book? What do you think?

Nothing says, “Fun!” like balloons! Isn’t it great that you can learn how to make crazy designs by reading a book?What I want to know is if Josa learned how to make those balloons in the photo!

Mrs. Yollis and I were able to meet face to face recently in San Diego. To thank her for all the comments she has made on our blog, I brought her a copy of the book,  Because of Shoe and Other Dog Stories. Buck really likes this doggie book, but apparently wanted to eat it! Oh no, Buck!

BB – our Australian student commenter extraordinaire is one of our judges again! Here she is reading one of  her favorite series, Alice Miranda down under with some of her stuffed animals. I hope you will visit her blog too and leave her a comment!

Thank you to all of our friends for sending in these awesome reading photos!

Don’t forget – YOU can join in the fun too! Just have an adult email me a photo and I will put it on the blog. This link will give you directions on how to join in on the fun.

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7 thoughts on “Super Summer Reading

  1. I just wanted to say thank you Mrs.Hembree for putting me on our school blog and that I am not reading a horse book but I am getting a horse book. So thank you! And remember keep reading!!!!

    • Dear Emily,

      I loved that photo of you reading while on the horse at camp! Did you have a wonderful time at horse camp? When I was young I went to my cousins house as much as possible to around their horses. I was a horse crazy girl and I loved being at the barn with the horses. Do you prefer the English or Western style of riding?

      I wonder what horse book you are going to get? I read every horse book in print as a girl! The good news now is that there are lots of horse book series, so once you find one you like, you have lots and lots of books to read!

      Happy riding and reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Great to see everyone enjoying their reading – summer is such a super time to catch up on books! We finished for our summer holidays on Friday and now I’m planning my holiday reading: one book I really want to read is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, a very famous Victorian English novelist. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while… but is 6 weeks long enough? Have you ever read any Dickens, Mrs Hembree? What are you reading this summer?
    Mrs M

    • Dear Mrs. M,

      You are choosing a long book for your holiday reading! I read Great Expectations many, many years ago when I was an English major in college. It will take you some time for sure! I like to listen to books on audio CD in my car when I am commuting to work. I especially enjoy to listen to older books because I have the opportunity to hear the beauty of cadences of the older books.

      In the summer I like to read adult mysteries! I catch up on the reading I didn’t get to in the school year. Espionage, murder mysteries, thrillers, suspense are my novels of choice and so far removed from the regular life I lead!

      I know my love of mysteries began in elementary school with the Nancy Drew mysteries. Do you have a favorite genre to read for pleasure?

      Happy Reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

  3. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Once again your readers are sending in some pretty awesome photos. 🙂

    Well done everyone I really loved viewing them all.
    Mackenzie and Jake reading in front of the Liberty Bell was an awesome photo.
    Then Emily sitting on a horse while reading now that is clever. And Josa reading and making up all those wonderful creations with balloons. Well done Josa!

    Then Mrs Yollis and Buck now that is a really cute photo. Buck appears to be really interested in the story which Mrs Yollis is reading to him.
    Last but not least is BB I had to look really hard to find BB amongst her stuff animals reading one of her favourites books.

    May send one in of myself Mrs Hembree. Am looking forward to seeing a photo of you reading Mrs Hembree.

    Keep those wonderful photo rolling in.

    From your friend down under,

    • Dear AA,

      I hope you will send in a photo of you reading too! That would be really fun to see. It’s important for kids to see that adults value reading outside of school!

      I think BB would enjoy visiting our library because she apparently enjoys stuffed animals. I decorate my library with lots and lots of stuffed animals. I think they make the space look friendly and fun!

      I loved seeing the photo of Buck reading! He is a very patient dog. Yesterday Reese and I did some of our volunteer work with the Reading with Rover. We are a therapy team and kids sit down and read books to Reese. We went to Seattle to be part of Camp Sparkle. This camp was started by Gilda Radner from Saturday Night Live for kids who live with cancer. Reese got 2 hours of attention and was very tired when we got home. He didn’t even want his regular evening walk! It is hard work getting hugged over and over!

      I will get more photos of myself soon! I hope to get on on the Microsoft Campus and then when Mr. Hembree and I take our vacation.

      Happy Reading!
      Mrs. Hembree

  4. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Thank you so much for putting my picture of me reading on your blog.

    I found it cool how Emily was riding a horse while reading.

    I found it funny how Josa was surrounded by balloons.

    I hope more photos come in.

    From your pal,


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