Wonder by RJ Palacio

It’s the first day of middle school. You don’t know anybody and you sit down in your seat and mind your own business.

Suddenly you hear whispers all around and when you look up, other kids quickly turn away, even though you know they’ve been staring at you.

Nobody will sit in the desks next to you. You are an island in the classroom. A lonely, isolated island.

This is Auggies’s life. A 5th grade boy who was born with horrible facial deformities. His parents have decided it’s time for him to give up homeschooling, and transition to public school. Wonder by RJ Palacio is his story and it’s your story.

How would you react if Auggie came into your classroom tomorrow? Will you stare? Will you try not to stare, but sneak glances when you think he’s not looking? Will you sit next to him at lunch?

Will you be his friend?

Wonder will make you think about yourself. It should be required reading for every student in 5th grade, not just because it’s a great book. Read it because it will make you think about what kind of person you really are on the inside. It will teach you about empathy. It will teach you about hope and friendship. It will teach you about life.

 Wonder by RJ Palacio is available in our library starting today. Here’s a preview book trailer by Mrs. Hembree.



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15 thoughts on “Wonder by RJ Palacio

  1. Dear mrs.Hembree I love the post about the book wonder! I think it is interesting that he did not show his face I wonder what it looks like.

    From Lauren

    • Dear Lauren,
      The book Wonder is a very special book. It touched me a lot. I can’t imagine what it must be like to always be stared at whenever you go out in public.
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    I really think everyone should read this book young and old.
    For it really is quite sad that if you don’t look a certain way people already have already decided that they don’t want to know you.

    I made a friend many years ago at school who didn’t quiet act or looked like us at school and you know what Mrs Hembree she was my best friend ever. Unfortunately she left school, but she would always say to me that I made her day. Really she made my day. This book has just made me think back on how lucky I was so have a wonderful friend in my eyes was no different than me.

    I am also proud to say that I have bought up BB this way too for she has so much empathy for everyone and is always the first to open her heart with love, friendship to everyone no matter they look like. 🙂

    I will have to look out for this book.
    Thank you Mrs Hembree for this eye opening post.

    Your slide show was great too!
    From your pal down under,

    • Dear AA,
      I know you and BB would really enjoy the book Wonder. I know it was already released in the UK, but I don’t know about Australia. This book makes you think deeply about how people do judge people by how they look. It sounds like if Auggie lived in your neighborhood, he would be welcome and friends with your family.
      I hope many teachers will read this book aloud to their classes. It will open up some engaging conversations.
      Mrs. Hembree

      • @ Mrs Hembree,

        Sorry for not writing back to you but but I had no internet and I just go it back today. 🙂
        I will have to ask at my local library for this wonderful book.
        I feel it would be great for all schools for the teachers to read this book to the children.

        Yes we would make Auggie feel at home here and would love him to attend school and make new friends.

        From your friend down under,

  3. Dear Mrs.Hembree,
    So the book is about Auggies who is in middle school this a fifth grader. I would be friends with him/her. She/he would be nice and maybe have the same things that He/She likes. It is confusing to do the she/he.
    From Alex.
    P.s. It is a boy or a girl?

    • Dear Alex,
      Yes, it is so confusing to do he/she. Auggie is a boy and a funny, good spirited boy that you would like to be around. I think you would be a good friend if Auggie went to our school. He likes to play xBox! Do you?
      Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Ms. Yingling,
      Yes, teachers and librarians have been raving about Wonder. I have some students reading it and they are liking it too! It’s not a book for everyone, but it’s definitely a book for someone!
      Mrs. Hembree

  4. Dear Mrs.Hembree

    I loved the book it’s amazing I think everyone should read this book.
    I loved the main character Auggie he was relly nice but what I loved most of all is the morel of the story dont judge a boy by his face it matters how you act not how you look. Once again I loved the book.

    Love your friend,

    • Dear Josa,
      I agree with you! Every student should have to read this book before they finish school. It has an important message but it’s told in a funny, and inspiring way. Wonder is one of those books that you remember for a long time after finishing the last page. Maybe someday you can suggest this book to one of your teachers as a good read aloud in class.
      Mrs. Hembree

  5. Wonder in Australia. Have just read it. Could not put it down. Have recommended it to my adult students as a book that promotes empathy and understanding of the other, a sign of a great book. And besides Auggie is such a great kid and his story is funny, awful, challenging, rewarding and again, funny.

    • Dear Richard,
      Thank you so much for commenting on Wonder! It’s great when we find a book that touches people around the globe. It’s a beautiful world we live in where we can share experiences and fabulous books! Do you have a book to share with us?
      Julie Hembree

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