Having Fun with Friendly Letters


When was the last time you wrote a friendly letter? Did you write one to thank someone for a holiday gift? Recently, the second and third grade classes have been practicing writing friendly letters. In library class, we added some technology to the fun!

We wrote “Storybird” friendly letters. We based it on the idea from the story, I Wanna Iguana by Karen Kaufman Orloff. Alex wants to adopt his friend’s iguana, and writes his wishes to his mom. She responds to his pleas in a series of letters back and forth!

After we read the story, we selected illustrations on Storybird, an online writing website. http://storybird.com/ Then we wrote our own friendly letter books. We hope you will enjoy reading them!

Why? on Storybird

It’s a Fabulous Day! on Storybird

It’s a Kitty Story! on Storybird

What Should I Do Today Friends? on Storybird

It's Fun Kind of Summer Day! on Storybird


Have you ever written a Storybird?

What was it like to write online? 

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18 thoughts on “Having Fun with Friendly Letters

  1. Dear Mrs Hembree and Bulldog Readers or I should say writers,

    I loved reading your Storybird questions in the Why story.
    What wonderful questions you all asked.

    I also enjoyed reading your story book It’s a fabulous day and It’s a Kitty Story . You all have got wonderful imaginations I just wanted to keep on reading and reading.
    Well done every one.

    I have never written a story on line but after reading your wonderful stories I feel I may give it a go.

    From your pal,

    • Dear AA,
      Thank you for reading our Storybirds! They are such a fun way to write a story. The illustrations are all online. You just pick what ones you wish to use, and then start writing! It’s free and lots of fun!
      I am very pleased with the great effort the students put into their combined stories!
      Mrs. Hembree

  2. Opps I forgot to mention the other wonderful story What should I do today friends!

    What a wonderful read this was too about the different things you could do together with friends. I have to say once again you all did come up with some pretty awesome fun stuff I loved all your suggestions in this story .
    Bravo everyone!

    From AA.

  3. Dear Mrs. Hembree and Bulldog Readers,

    We have written friendly letters too. In fact, we are writing a friendly ‘letter’ right now. We know that we should begin with greeting, like Dear. We also know that we should end with a closing, like Sincerely or Your friends. We think it is important to be kind with our words.

    The 2nd Grade Techie Kids have not heard of the story I Wanna Iguana. It does sound interesting and we would like to read it too. Taciana likes the idea of writing friendly letters on paper and on the blog. She thinks it is fun to read messages from a friend even when you can’t see them.

    Your friends in Michigan,
    Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids

    • Dear Mrs. Moore and the Techie Kids,
      Thank you so much for visiting our blog again and making a comment! We have not been visiting other blogs lately because we lost a lot of school time in a big snow storm. Since then, we have ben trying to catch up. Now it’s student/ parent conference week and we have only 1/2 days! I promise, we will visit again soon!
      I like how comments on the blog are written like a friendly letter! They follow the same format. So if you can great a quality comment, you are writing a quality friendly letter online!

      Mrs. Hembree

  4. Hi Mrs. Hembree,

    I have a friend in Vancover that I am doing pen pals with. I met her once her dad and mom are friends with my mom and dad. It will be fun to send postcards to each other and learn about our cities.

    Love Josa

  5. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    The cats Storybird was very funny!!!!!Which cat did you like best?
    Sarah,Zoe.B, and Erica

  6. Dear Mrs.H,
    This book was awesome. I think we should do it again. (Leah) I want to read the book again! (Joel) Have you ever done a storybird before? (Jasmine) It’s very satisfying when you do one of the books. Let’s do this again! (Keiji) I think you would enjoy doing a storybird! (Madelyn) I want to make my own story on storybird. (Julia) Can we do a Storybird every year we stay at this school? (Eric) I like to read. Do you? (Morgan) Do you ever read a book? (Wena) I love to read so much. I read a bedtime! (Alison) This book is so funny. I want to make a scary one! (Marcus) This book is awesome. I wish we could read it again! (Leon) I wish we could do this every single library time. Anas

  7. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    I think that storybird is a fantastic website.
    I also really like the stores that you posted.
    I think I might do one myself! 🙂
    From, Rasmus.

  8. Dear Mrs. Hembree,
    I like all of the storybirds but I mostly like ours.
    I mostly like Aryan’s post because it’s a little funny and the person looks funny.
    From Caden

  9. Wow Mrs.Hembree
    I enjoy reading the stories you have published!!!!
    I really hope to read some more of your stories.I read them to my little kids which are overjoyed by listening to them!!!!!!!

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